''Live Snake offering ''to the Garuda temple at Triprangode in Malappuram District. Kerala

 Garuda Temple  located at Triprangode in Malappuram District in Kerala is the only Garuda temple in Kerala. A unique offering to the deity is the '' live snakes'' to ward off  Sarpa  Dosha!!  

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Above image: The lone temple in Kerala dedicated to Devata Garuda, the mythical bird mentioned in Buddhism and Jainism is  the vahana of God Vishnu and a sworn enemy of serpents. If one has his blessing from him,  neither the severe effects of Sarpa Dosha (as per one's horoscope) nor the fear of snakes will haunt him or her. Apart, Garuda  is said to be a protector of children from diseases and, on the Garuda Panchami day  women folks pray to him for their children's welfare.  This  temple unlike others  offers  Nivedyam mixed with turmeric powder which imparts  yellow  color.  Garuda Panchakshari oil is another prasadam. If he oil is rubbed all over  the one can get rid of skin ailments. It consumption for 12 days will drain out toxin from the body......................   

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As part of prayer or wish  offering male goats, roosters, cows (fot Goshala), etc., is common among temples of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in South India. Quite unusual is donating elephants to the Hindu temples such as Guruvayur  temple etc.,  and it is done upon fulfilment of ones wish. Likewise offering of the stone image of Naga-serpent is common across in India, The Mannarasala Nagaraja temple

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(close to Alappuzha) in Kerala has the largest number of stone images of snake (more than 30000)  all around the temple offered by couples without a baby.  Once the baby is born, they visit the temple and offer the stone image of a snake as a token of their gratitude to the deity. A fascinating fact is it is being managed by an old woman priest from a Namboodri family.  

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Have you ever heard of offering of  ''live snakes'', in particular, Cobra to the Hindu temple as part of the wish of the devotees or families? Indeed, it is quite surprising and strange that  it does happen in the state of Kerala. The temple is Garudan Kavu or the Garuda temple of Thirur in Mallapuram district. Overlooking so many things that can be offered to the deity, how is it that devotees have chosen live Cobra as offering to the Garuda temple?  
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Indeed snake offering is quite popular at this only Garuda temple. It is quite true that those people suffering from Naga or Sarpa Dosha have to suffer patiently  the ill effects for some time. The remedy in such case is visiting certain temples that are known to retard the bad effects of Naga dosha, As for the Garuda temple,  people who throng this place are those afflicted with Naga dosha. They visit the temple with an earthen pot containing live cobra well sealed. When offered to the temple, they are thrown from the temple tower. The Tantri will  sprinkle the Garuda Panchakshari manthra theertha on the aggressive snakes. The popular belief has been that the poisonous critters  slither southward and become Garuda’s meal. The surprising fact is the temple receives lots of snakes as offering to the temple by the devotees. None of them is  spotted in and around the temple. 

 During the annual Mandala period (November 16 to December 28) the temple becomes a hive of activities.  To ward off bad  effects of poison and to get cured from ailments  such as scabies, breathing problems, skin diseases, mouth ulcers and besides   pediatric illnesses and skin discoloration, etc., people come here on a pilgrimage with bhakti and religious fervor