Sri Muthu Ramalinga Thevar, a patriot par excellence - certain motivating facts about him.

Patriot late Muthu ramalinga Thevar, TN.

Thevar Jayanthi,the birthday of Pasumpon Muthuramalingam Thevar, one of the courageous  Indian patriots and politicians  is  celebrated on 30 October on  a grand grand scale at his memorial - samadhi in Pasumpon village in Ramanathapuram district of  Tamil Nadu. It is a three day event and communities closer to him, in the last several years have been paying homage by way of conducting Gurupuja on the same day.  Tens of thousands of well-wishers and followers of his dharmic path - devotion and patriotism  visit the place to offer obeisance to him and participate in the  the ceremonies at the samadhi

Lord Krishna from Bhagavad Geeta

The following are some of the unknown facts about Sri Thevarji: 

01. In the southern districts of Tamil Nadu, though it is  not an official public holiday, many schools and businesses in the area remain closed on the day as a mark of respect and gratitude. 

02. This year more than 9000 police personnel will be on duty to control the crowd,  besides more than 200 cameras and more than 75 CCTV cameras will be used for effective crowd management. 

03. The TN Police have to take extra precaution in many surrounding villages which are known to be sensitive. Vehicular traffic to Pasumpon village is allowed only on certain routes. 

04. No annual Guru puja is conducted on a large scale for Tamil  Nadu politicians  other than Thevarji. 

05. That his date of birth and death ( October 30 1963 at Thirumangalam near Madurai ) fall on the same day is a rate one and is  interpreted as a  divine dispensation of god - his eshta devata Muruga (Karthikaya).

06. Born in a rich family,  he  could have led  a  cozy and comfortable  life. But, it was not to be;  Thevarji chose a rugged path full of hurdles.

07. Born on October 30, 1908 in Pasumpon village in Ramanthapuram in Tamil Nadu, he remained unmarried and till his death he dedicated his entire life to  various social causes and eradication of social ills in the society. 

08. Sri Muthuramalinga Thevar  gave his full political and moral support to lawyer A. Vaidhyanatha Aiyar when he led a group of dalits into Meenakshi temple, Madurai - the first ever temple entry of dalits in Tamil Nadu on July 8,1939.  The state govt had  just passed the act (Temple Entry Authorization and Indemnity Act) removing restrictions that prevented the entry of dalits  into the temples.  He stood vigil and gave protection against the protagonists. The successful temple entry  won him and Sri Aiyar the appreciation of countless national leaders across the country

09. He fought tooth and nail and at last successfully  removed the draconian tribal acts  the Criminal Tribes Act (CTA) of 1871 introduced by the British  to contain  activities of thugees that also included  the Maravar community from !9 villages.   

10. Mr. Thevar vehemently opposed  this act and toiled to get it removed. Neither the  the Justice Party (in power) and nor the Congress Party responded.  In March 1946, Thevar won the election from his Muthukalathur constituency and in the same year  Criminal tribes  Act was removed  after a long and sustained struggle.

11. Sri Thevarji  owned  32 and a half villages in that part of Tamil Nadu and donated most of them for a common cause.   

12. Being a charitable person and philanthropist he donated  87,000 acres of lands to Dalits   for their livelihood.

13. In March 1939 in the 52 annual session of the Indian National Congress held in Tripuri, Nethaji was re-elected the President of INC and it is said Thevarji played a role in it. ,The opposing candidate Pattabhi seetharamaiyah  was supported by Gandhiji and Nehru
14. Sri. Thevar  gave full support to Congress leader Kamaraj for the post of TN Congress President in the meeting at Thiruparankundram, and succeeded in his bid. The opposing candidate was Rajaji.   

15. An interesting historical fact is the British government had passed orders restraining two freedom fighters from making political speeches at public meetings (in Tamil  it is called Vaai Poottu Chattam). Because they persistently and boldly opposed the British rule and criticized thei misrule. The two were Bal Gangadhar Tilak and the other bein  Muthuramalinga Thevar. 

16. When the Japanese government had on August 18, 1945 announced about the air crash  Sri Muthuramalinga Thevar, a close associate of Netaji, in the same year  had hinted Netaji was alive after the air crash. At Madurai, he briefed the reporters that he was in direct contact with Netaji. Thus  he was responsible for an enquiry commission to go into the death of Nethaji. 

17. He won the state Assembly Election in 1937  against the Rajah of Ramnad  S R N Sethupathi, an equally competent candidate in the Mudhukulathur constituency  proving  that he was above caste and  communal differences.

18. He was a staunch supporter of labor classes and  headed as many as 23 trade unions in this region .

 19. He made a vital role in safeguarding the welfare of  factory workers and others and never failed to fight for their rights. He impressed on the companies to give priority to  their personal safety against certain dangerous machinery, etc. His successful handling of labor problem won him laurels. 

20. He was highly critical of offering cash to voters for voting  and offering freebies by the political parties.  

21. He was one among the few politicians to have raised his voice over equal rights for women and urged the government and companies to offer maternity leave for the working women

 Youngsters  must look upon this great human being  as Guru and take inspiration from him  to make India  great.