''Cathedral Church of the Redemption of Delhi,'' a colonial church steeped in history

 Cathedral Church of the Redemption, also known as the Viceroy Church, of New Delhi, built between 1927 (foundation laid) and 1931 is near east of Parliament House and Rashtrapati Bhavan. Though a decision was taken  in 1911, it took a while to get the work on the church started.  King George and Queen Mary were the first to give donation for the church. It was formerly Viceroy House, during the colonial rule. The church - the Cathedral Church of the Redemption is a part of the Delhi diocese of the Church of North India (CNI). It got its name  from Palladio's Church of Il Redentore in Venice. The was primarily built to accommodate the growing spiritual needs of  British officers in the city in early 1900s.

Cathedral Church of the Redemption,Delhi /upload.wikimedia.org

Cathedral Church of the Redemption,Delhi upload.wikimedia.org

Architect Henry Medd ingeniously designed the church in such a manner,  during the extreme summers interior portions remain cool and comfortable. A favorite church of lord Irwin who loved the architecture of the church with fine curved arches and  delicate domes. The main front dome  resembles a birthday cake, with a candle placed on top. It was Lord Irwin, who suggested the name   the Church of Holy Redemption.  Only in 1935 a tower and dome were added worth the majesty of the Raj. 

Cathedral Church of the Redemption,Delhi .sid-thewanderer.com

The church is proud to maintain all its records since its inception  since its inception on 18 January 1936 and still keeps a 1733 Cambridge Press published Bible, bound in red leather. Its first service was held on 3 December 1922 at 8 am, so was  the earliest recorded wedding - on 20 October 1926. The church still maintains its organ built in 1931 for services; set at the front and rear ends. 

Pipe organ, Cathedral Church of the Redemption,Delhi  ramaarya.blog

Semi-Palladian in style, Cathedral Church of the Redemption, Delhi
 Corinthian detailing, ramaarya.blog

British crown Cathedral Church of the Redemption, Delhi

Above image: British crown engraving on the teak pews, Cathedral Church of the Redemption, Delhi....

King George V gave a silver cross for the High Altar, and the Dean and Chapter of York Minster in England paid for the marble High Altar and Pulpit, as well as gifted three exquisite effigies carved in Italy of Christ, St. Mary, and St. John. Lady Willingdon contributed toward the eight teak pews engraved with the British Crown and further  raised funds and covered the ceiling with a matt coating for better acoustics when the organ was played.