Grading of heritage buildings in Mysuru by the District heritage Committee - a good move

Mysuru city of karnataka has the rare honor of having  more than 500 heritage buildings as per a revised estimate prepared by the INTACH, a conservation agency in the forefront,  and many of them remain undeclared and not included in the list of heritage sites in Mysuru. They are yet to be declared as such by the authorities.

The District Heritage Committee' s recent decision to grade the countless heritage structures in Musuru in accordance with the   grading norms laid down in the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Model Building (Amendment) Bylaws, 2021 is a wellcome news.  Because it will promote  immediate intervention for conservation of those structures that need urgent  attention to be restored and  saved for the posterity.

In october 2022 the District Heritage Committee embarked on a unique  project to grade heritage structures  based on certain criteria - their architectural importance, age, distinct design style relevant to that period of social history. its cultural, social value in the community  and importantly their existing structural conditions.

It is an important decision which heritage agencies  in other Indian states should follow to grade the heritage structures in their states.This way they can save them from destruction or total collapse or slow death.  The onus is on  each state government to save such structurals of social and cultural importance.   This arduous exercise of grading heritage buildings  will positively save old structures of historical and community value from further deterioration and losing importance. This noval  exercise will prioritize those structures that need urgent restoration and conservation. 

On the anvil is the proposal by the District Heritage Committee of Mysuru    to  cover initially 129 notified heritage buildings in Mysuru  in the first phase and they will be subject to  grading  based on the earlier-mentioned criteria. ''The grading will be restricted to 129 buildings that have been declared as heritage structures of importance and it will adhere to grading norms laid down in the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Model Building (Amendment) Bylaws, 2021''.

As per amended bylaws, heritage buildings are can be classified into three  categories - Grade I, II or III category:

Grade I buildings:  it will include structures that need  careful preservation; no compromise on  any intervention and if  necessity arises  only minimal changes will be allowed.

Grade II buildings: Adaptive reuse of the structure will get priority depending on the suitability and footfalls and no alteration of special  heritage aspects 

Grade III buildings: Besides  adaptive reuse, there is a provision for  changes or extension on condition  they are in harmony with the existing building, according to the bylaws. 

The following are some of the images of heritage buildings in Mysuru: 

The rangacharlu memorial town hall, mysuru

Above image: A heritage building built in memory of late Diwan CV Rangacharlu, the 14th Diwan of Mysore. (and first after rendition). Sponsored by Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar X. Rungacharlu's successor Diwan Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer, who had close association with his mentor Rangacharlu,  executed it...................

1891 oriental research inst., Mysuru

1921 Lalitha mahal palace (now a heritage hotel)

Jaganmohan palace, mysuru.

Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore

Above image:   One of the seven palaces of the royal city of Mysore this one was  built in 1861 and was initially the Wodeyar royal family's residence. when the present Mysore Palace (Amba Vilas Palace) was under construction after the previous palace burned down. Presently being used as a function hall and an art gallery..... 

 D Banumaiah's College of Commerce and Arts, Mysuru

Above image: D Banumaiah's College of Commerce and Arts, Mysuru already crossed the centenary year, and its founder D. Banumaiah,  established many educational institutions in Mysuru. He was a  freedom fighter and  backed the the patriots  financially for the freedom movement. He was a member of the Miller Commission  and implemented constituted by the Maharaja to give reservation to Dalits and backward classes. The centre functions in a heritage building, next to the college on Sayyaji Rao Road........