BBC's Documentary on PM Modiji - a diabolical intent to destabilize India

Ever since the BBC produced a two part documentary titled India:on Indian PM Modiji and his purported role in Gujarat riots several years ago in 2002 when he was the CM, it has been facing severe criticism from the Indian media, Indian leaders and the like minded prominent indian people. The Indian diaspora world over have reacted to the documentary and are highly critical of its contents and the biased reporting.  The documentary highlights a previously unpublished report, which it obtained  from the British Foreign Office, which raised questions about Mr Modi's actions during his regime in Gujarat. Foreign ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi questioned the BBC's motive in doing the documentary noeHe said.''This is a propaganda piece designed to push a particular discredited narrative. The bias, the lack of objectivity, and a continuing colonial mindset, is blatantly visible'',

To the BBC  getting mired in controversy is not new and in the past decades it was highly criticised for its mischievous reporting on controversial and inimical  topics in respect of  certain countries with a sole intention to foment trouble. 

Quite irksome is the timing of the release of this documentary that is said to examine communal tension between Hindus and Muslims in India in the backdrop of Modiji's leadership in the state of Gujarat. Such a documentary is uncalled for and is not only prejudicial and biased but also full of holes - factual errors.

''Giving a clean chit to Modi in the post-Godhra events, the Nanavati Commission said there was no evidence to show there was lapse in the role of the chief minister or his ministers in providing protection, relief and rehabilitation to the victims of communal riots or in the matter of not not complying with the recommendations and direction given by the National Human Rights Commission''.

The Supreme Court of India after  long deliberations cleared PM Modi of all charges in the case related to the  Godhra train burning incident and the 2002 (February) Gujarat riots  that took place in the aftermath. Neither Modiji nor the Gujarat government had anything to to with that unfortunate incident or the "climate of impunity" that enabled the violence.

Why is the BBC, a British Media owned by the Public corporation based in London (began daily radio broadcasts in 1922) is poking its nose into the internal affairs of India?  What is its intent to produce a documentary on PM Modi pointing the accessing finger at a leader of great repute without getting a handle on the facts. The intention is quite clear  - backed by certain vested interest in India and abroad,  this documentary was produced with a view to tarnishing his name in the international arena. 

.Godhra Train  carnage, Feb. 2002, Gujarat.

According to the Law Minister Kiren Rijiju ''India's image cannot be disgraced with "malicious campaigns." The BBC that is well-known world over for its biased reporting to kick up controversies in certain nations, is not above the  Supreme Court of India. If a section of opposition parties cry hoarse, it means they are yet to get rid of the  colonial hangover. British Bobs are not our moral masters.

The political morality of the British is at the abysmal bottom. A  large section of the  British aristocrats made their fortune in Slave Trade.  The Jallianwala Bagh massacre of April 13, 1919 and the great famine of 1943  perpetrated by Brig Gen. Reginald Dyer and former PM Winston Churchill respectively are part of  visible scars left behind by the oppressive British rule in India.  

The Godhra train carnage is an unfortunate incident that happened way back in Feb. 2022. The BBC is intentionally stocking the extinguished  embers with an ulterior motive - to destabilize India that has remained united since the British left the shores of India in 1947 with a huge loot - a total of USD 41 trillion during their long reign, besides an array of most valuable diamonds and gems in the world including the famous Timur Ruby, an un-faceted, 361-carat polished spinal set in a necklace for Queen Victoria in 1853.