Green Hotel Mansion of 1907, Mysore - a heritage site that retains the old world charm!!

columned portico 1907 mansion, Mysore

Above image: Old mansion in Mysore( (1907); the madras terrace roof is supported by pairs of masonry columns, wooden rafters and wooden beams.Look at the corbels on the ceiling belows the parapet wall...................

interior g.floor common area.1907 mansion, Mysore

Above image: Interior. Mysore Green manson . Look at the kalyana mahal type design, normally common in the Agraharam houses of Tamil nadu and also Kerala. In the covered opening on the roof
the windows facilitate fresh air from outside as well as natural  light.........................

1907 mansion, Mysore

Green hotel mansion, Mysuru

Above image: The big porch will cut down the heat and radiation from outside. In those days the owner could keep his car or horse-drawn chariot in the porch which enhances the majesty of the structure................... 

There are many colonial mansions in Mysore and Bangalore gradually disappearing either due to poor maintenance and cost of repairs or outright sale by the owner in view of escalating real estate cost. The same trend prevails in many Indian states with respect to old colonial type mansions which in modern perspective  may look incongruent. However, there are some that have been converted into  hotels with well restored rooms and additional facilities for the guests to stay comfortably. It serves dual purposes, the owner gets regular income and the old structure is repaired and restored with old values.

1907 mansion, Mysore

common area1907 mansion, Mysore

Above images: Top. Spacious porch with refreshing garden in front.Below: Well ventilated common space on the first floor of the mansion.  High ceiling with Madras terrace supported by wooden rafters and beams.  

!st floor roof terrace 1907 mansion, Mysore
Above image: Green mansion First floor. the spacious verandah cuts down the sunglare and radiation. 
Allows easy flow of air from outside..........................

1907 mansion, Mysore

A converted colonial mansion never  loses its beauty and coolness if its heritage  aspects are well protected and preserved.  The Green Hotel in the heritage city of Mysore is a two story old structure with ground and first floor built in traditional native technique..

It is obvious  'Vaastu', the ancient Indian constriction design, is followed here with proper utilization of  space, air and light to the maximum.  Tall ceiling and numerous windows with proper ventilators and the lush greenery around the building  keep the interior comfortable for the occupants.    

 The converted mansion has a range of private rooms, a good restaurant and a cafĂ© along with beautifully manicured gardens. The admiring aspect of this simple-looking colonial mansion hotel is the cafe and the restaurant are  run by women from underprivileged backgrounds.   A French baker was good enough to have trained them in various aspects of bakery, food preparation, etc. No doubt people who want to check into a hotel for relaxation, good food, delicious cakes and even a small library, in a soothing ambiance  will never leave the portals of the mansion disappointed or dejected. 

Built in 1907 as a big and comfortable residence for a well known businessman, the architecture adopted here  is that of an early European style with local design. The ground and first floor have  Madras terrace ceiling that is supported by wooden rafters, beams and wooden pillars The thick walls, as it was common in those days, were made of brick with ground lime and mortar. This would keep the indoors cool. 

The building came up  when Mysore was a princely state under the watchful eyes of the ruler and his Diwan on one hand and the English officials from the Madras Presidency on the other,  The English styled mansion had   pairs of corinthian columns, simple capitals and corbels all along the edge of the outer roof in the porch which has Madras terrace. Corinthian columns suggest elements of Palladian style -early Greek, Roman traditional style commonly adopted  in the public buildings and places of worship in the early centuries. 

 The mansion  has  several well ventilated dorm rooms and a couple of spacious private rooms. The other attractions that may give you a good vib are  spacious common space to move around, nice blooming greenery where one can go for a refreshing stroll, rooftop yoga in the morning and enticing  wall murals that may keep you engaged. The old structure  now redone with a modern touch without disturbing the heritage elements to retain a unique ambiance, a mix of old world charm with a bit of modernity. 

The mansion is on Shalivahana Road Nazarbad, Mysuru, Karnataka state. Photo credit: