"Begum Hazrat Mahal park" (formerly Victoria park ), Lucknow - an enchanting bagh in honor of Queen of Awadh

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 Located in the prime area of this sprawling city of Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh, Begum Hazrat Mahal Park was established in 1962 and today it is a great monument and fitting memorial  to the courageous queen who was one among the earliest  woman freedom fighter from  the royal family of Awadh. She was the first wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah whose kingdom was unjustly seized in 1856 by the English company, acting as a proxy government for the British crown. Mahal's  original name was Muhammadi Khanum, and she was born at Faizabad, Awadh, India. She had a humble beginning and rose to prominence through  talents, wisdom and indomitable spirits. She was a courtesan by profession and had been taken into the royal harem as a khawasin and finally became the consort of the ruler. The title 'Hazrat Mahal' was bestowed on her after the birth of their son, Birjis Qadir.

Begum Hazrat mahal park, Lucknow smart.livehindustan.com/

Begum Hazrat mahal park, Lucknow. tripnight.com/

Etched in the pages of the Indian freedom struggle  are her war exploits and untold miseries during the siege of Lucknow that she led  with limited arms and ammunition. 

The huge park (formerly Victoria Park in memory of Queen Victoria) covering  112 acres of greenery  is a silent testimony to Begum Hazrat Mahal  and her army's sacrifices during the most testing time in Indian history in 1857.  The beautiful park  that was opened on 15 August 1962 and embellished with elegant fountains and ponds in the middle of lush green space  offers a serene and comfortable ambiance to the visitors and this picturesque retreat is a nice place to relax and be at peace with yourself relegating their stressed mundane life to the back. The vast  well-landscaped park acts as a  habitat for diverse aquatic flora and fauna.

In the center of the park stands  a richly designed majestic marble edifice  that is adorned with  ornamental motifs, marble tablet with the coat of  Arms of Awadh Royal Family,  four round brass plaques and inscriptions. The architecture is a blend of Hindu and Mogul features with a huge central dome flanked by  well- designed symmetrical chhatris.at four corners.  The tall windows are adorned with beautifully designed jaali ot lattice screens to keep indoors cool and airy. The design showcases a harmonious blend of  age-old tradition along with contemporary style and aesthetics.

There is a museum inside and here  various artefacts and memorabilia from the Indian Rebellion of 1857 are on display. There are rare and  historical exhibits, photos, war weapons, documents, and personal belongings associated with prominent freedom fighters involved in 1857 uprising. A visit to the museum will take the visitors  down the memory lane to the past colonial era and how the patriots and freedom fighters, despite odds, pitfalls and dangers to their lives finally  got the freedom from the wily British who had exploited the land and the natives for more than 250 years and stole  resources that are  now estimated  to be about  42 to 45 trillion USD.