Bishnupur (West Bengal) - rare Terracotta temple chariot

stone chariot shaped temple, Bishnupur, WB. 

More often than not we have heard about rare Hindu temples with carved stone chariots made of hard rocks. The places that come to our mind are  Hampi Vittala temple, Karnataka,  Konarak Sun temple,  Odisha, Five rathas of Mamallapuram, TN and Airavateswarar temple  of Kumbakonam,TN. Have you ever heard of terracotta temple in the form of a chariot?  Such terracotta Hindu temples are common in the lower Gangetic plains of west Bengal where  lateritic soil rich in iron is common.   Bishnupur (in Bankura district), 139 km from  Kolkata, West Bengal is famous for red terracotta (made from red lateritic soil) Hindu temples.  They are neither structurally grandeur, nor are they well embellished. But they are strong and have a unique aura about them and have survived many centuries. 

Despite their simplicity  and lack of planned architectural features, they are elegant to look at with details of artistic work. The  historic Radha Krishna temples  were built during 1600–1800 CE by  the Malla rulers who ruled between Burdwan and Purulia.  It  was Malla Raja Durjan Singh Dev  who established the temple in the name of Lord Madan Mohan in 1694.

Bishnupur terracotta chariot.WB. lower story.

The two-story small structure  built on the laterite plinth  is  provided with  three wheels on each side imparting the look of a moving chariot. Nowhere else will you find a  stone chariot made from terracotta soil. The lower storey has  an arched pavilion of Rasmancha, whereas the upper storey with Sikhara of normal height resembles Ekaratna Temple of Bishnupur. The arches are narrow in the front part particularly at higher levels. The outer walls appear to be worn out and rough  on all sides . This may be due to aging and prolonged exposure  changing weather and changing climatic conditions. What is unique about this small chariot structure is  it represents  Bishnupur temple design style and choice  of construction materials style in miniature form with all finer details. 

The temples has  time-consuming intricate carvings showcasing important episodes or scenes from the  Hindu mythology and the lives of the kings. The sculpting was done by the local artisans or masons using special traditional techniques that have not made the structure weak structurally. The construction materials are bricks and  laterite stones  locally available.The temples' unique color, unique design , and detailing attract visitors from  other places.

The advantage of lateritic soil  is it is  good for agriculture (good for wheat, rice, rubber, coconut trees, etc) and is an important source for building material. Terracotta clays are often rich in iron and are made from a type of porous clay.  Because of iron leaching that promotes strong bond,  laterite stone is widely used for foundation work. Further, it can be dressed and cut  with a spade to get the needed size.  The terracotta temples are on the tentative list of the UNESCO's  world heritage sites.                         .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             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