Pilikula, a theme park near Mangalore where conservation of biodiversity and habitat gets highest priority

In and around  Mangalore city on the West coast  of Karnataka there are many tourist attractions of interest to the people. One of the unique attractions is neither a colonial heritage site nor  an old Gothic-style  church.or a popular temple.  It is a planned theme Biological park where a natural habitat is being scientifically nurtured to protect animals and plants. It is in the village of Mudushedde in Vamanjoor about 15 km from Mangaluru.  The village is  along the banks of Gurupura river and the theme park covers 375 acres of fine wooded terrain. It is a rare  and odd scheme that gets support from the government particularly, at a time when in many states the animal  habitats are shrinking fast due to  threats from population explosion  and encroachment of fringe areas of forests.  This affects the corridors of wild animals in the wooded areas when they go insearch of water holes or food. There have been cases of wild elephants and cheetahs entering into the villages close to the forest  areas in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, etc.

Pilikula theme park, Mangalore KA Wikipedia commns.org

Pilikula theme park, Mangalore KA Wikipedia commns.org.

Commenced in 1996, the purpose of Pilikula Nisarga Dhama program is to form a model tourism  park emphasising protection of  environment, heritage values  and animal life. Pilikula Nisarga Dhama is a major Eco-Education and Tourism Development Project promoted by the district Administration of Dakshina Kanada based in Mangalore. The Pilikula lake (Tigers' lake), spread over 5 acres,  was once the haunt of thirsty tigers which would come to this water hole to quench their thirst.Dr Shivaram Karanth Biological Park, spread over an area of 82 hectares is home to numerous wild animals, including lions and king cobras. They are being maintained in safe enclosures so that people could go round and watch them. An interesting fact is the cages are designed in such a manner that closely resemble their habitat. There is a separate section in the zoo that takes care of orphaned animals. 

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The Pilikula Biological Theme Park, a serene  and bewitching  place, is one of the major attractions of Pilikula Nisarga Dhama. A right place to loosen yourself and forget the mundane thing in life in the midst of clear lake and greenery. The ambiance is so good I've heard people say that the park gives them soothing and positive vibes. The park adopted many animals including wild animals.The Central Zoo Authority of India has recognized the park as a major zoo and according to them  as per modern zoological practices, the animals are  safely kept and watched in spacious safe enclosures closely resembling their natural habitat. 

This place is worth a visit because it is educative for the students as well as for the adults. The arboretum close to the lake has a big  35-hectare botanical garden  and the aim is toward  conservation of biodiversity of this region.  The garden  boasts of being  home to about 60,000 plants including  225 endemic and endangered plant species found primarily in the Western Ghats. Included also are vermicomposting units and medicinal plants from which Ayurveda medicines are made. Apart, there are a science centre, a heritage village, a water amusement park and a golf course.