Swastika Well (kinaru ) near Thiruvellarai Vishnu temple - Will the state Archaeology department keep it clean?

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Have you ever heard of a temple tank (Kovil Kulam in Tamil) in the shape of Swastika? The moot question is there are ever so many shapes  to construct a well and how come the builder had chosen this particular shape? We have no clear answer to tt. 

This peculiar tank or big well as you may call it, is outside  pundarikaksha Perumal  temple (dedicated to Sri Vishnu) in Thiruvellarai,  near Manachanallur  (then) Lalgudi Taluk, Tiruchirappalli  District. The ancient well was dug by the Pallava ruler  Dhanthivarman around 800 AD.  It was built   in the form of ‘swastika’ by Alambakathu Vijayanallulan Thambi Kamban Arayan.

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Built during the Muthrarayar era in this area  the well has been in a  state of  utter neglect  for a pretty long time there is no semblance of  proper periodic upkeep and maintenance. Part of the reason is being 1 km away from the village, this site has become a hangout for hobos, grass smokers and anti-social people. The solitary  location of this place is to their advantage. Walls on the wells are damaged and scribbled with pointed tools and in many places after the weekend one can notice lots of garbage cups, plastic bottles, trash, etc.,  strewn all around.  The steps leading to the base of the well is fairly well, but not so in the case of supporting walls.at the base.   

The local residents are sore over the sordid and unpleasant look of this site which is part of a Hindu temple. They want the place barricaded and protected from the unwanted people who indulge in unsavoury activities. 

This  listed protected monument ought to be protected from further damages and abuse by the miscreants., some from the local area.  Visitors to the nearby temple are reluctant to visit this rare Swastika-shaped well  because of indiscriminate littering on the road  leading  to the site and garbage dumps here and there.   Catching  a glimpse of this rare  ancient structure is a daunting job  for prospective visitors with so many unwanted people loitering around. 

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Above image: Swastika well, Thiruvellarai near Trichy, TN; This is the precarious sate of the access road to the declared heritage site. Visitors cannot escape from the awful sight of trash on the road, nor can they tolerate the  rotten, disgusting  stench from all kind of garbage strewn there.  The state Archaeology dept. has to take the blame for this total negligence. I wish the local political representative had taken steps to save this old heritage site  from further disintegration...................

This Swastika shaped well  surrounded by wild plants and bushes,  is being managed by the  Tamil Nadu state department of Archaeology . It is said between 2013-14  this site was renovated and renovated. Supported by stone cross beams, each wing of the Swastika has  more than 45 steps to descend to reach the water below. There are stone images of of Nandhi (bull vehicle) and Nagas (serpents) all around the well. Due its Swastik shape, the well  also called Naalu moolai kinaru (four cornered well).

 After several complaints the  Archaeology Department  did conservation work that included  landscaping, a  micro irrigation system to water the grass and  installation of  grilled fence to safeguard against  unwanted people and anti-social elements. An amusement park  for children with equipment that came up  several years ago now lies in ruin and uncared for.

The information displayed at the site by the State Department of Archaeology, mentions that  this well was also called ‘Marbidugu kinaru’. A poetic inscription speaks about mortal life and impresses upon the people the need to execute good deeds all through their life.

Considering the poor state of this heritage site does it not sound paradoxical?