Netravati railway Bridge, Mangalore built by Madras Railway in 1907 during the Raj - a brief note

Netravati Bridge is on NH 66 in

Netravati railway Bridge  across the Netravati river   is a historical cast iron bridge. More than 100 years old - opened to traffic in July,  1907, by privately owned Madras Railway with HQ in Madras  its length is 830 meters and the BG line completed the Jolarpet (TN) and mangalore line . On January 1 1908 SIR  - South Indian Railway took over the company. Close to the confluence pf the river with the Arabian sea, the evening sun down on the horizon is a mesmerizing and thrilling experience according to many travelers who have been to this area before.  A busy railway bridge,  trains bound for Mangalore and beyond from Chennai and other places pass through the bridge. 

About the river, railway records refer to it as  Ullal  river and the BG line crosses the estuary of the rive about 2 miles from the mouth of river where it is 6200 ft wide. The north bank rests on the laterite formation including Mangalore, but south side is low and is made of paddy land. During heavy rains the overflowing water might cover the wide flood plains area.   

On the road bridge on NH 66 (connecting Kerala and Karnataka) in Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka linking  Mangalore city with its southern suburbs like Thokottu, Ullal and Deralakatte, th incidence of suicide has gone up manifold in the last several years by both men and women for many reasons and the government is making efforts to install tall fences on both sides to prevent suicides. 

 As part of the national motorway it was 2 lane bridge and later   widened; the extra bridge was  constructed parallel to old bridge and opened  to public on 20 March 2014. The new bridge has   24 pillars consisting of 18 pillars amidst the water and six pillars alongside the river. The height of every pillar is about 33.25.