Construction of a shopping mall close to Tiruvannamalai temple East tower - Has Madras High Court given a temporary ban ?

Shopping mall in a temple site, Tiruvannamalai, TN

 In the TN Legislative Assembly on April 19, 2023, the Minister for HR and CE, Sekar Babu,  during discussion (on grant for the fiscal year 2023-2024) made a shocking announcement related to “Notification No:223.” This notification outlined plans for constructing shops at an estimated cost of Rs 5.99 crores in the area in front of the Rajagopuram (facing east direction) of the  popular  Arunachaleswarar Temple,Tiruvannamalai town. :Lots of tourists visit this most popular 1000 plus year old Shiva temple (presenting Agni) and this temple is the major venue for the celebration of Karthigai Deepam. This year this festival falls on Nov. 26. This temple was built by many dynasties, Chola, Vijayanagara  and Hoysala.

Tiruvannamalai,Arunachaleswarar temple.TN

The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (HR and CE) department has granted administrative permission for the construction of shops on a section of the land owned by the temple and this unethical act has angered lakhs of devotees. The HR & CE is contentious decision has created a storm as the land itself is a venerated place owned by an ancient temple  protected under section 46 (II) of the Act. 

 The proposed shopping mall will come up near the main rajagopuram (eastern tower) and lakhs of devotees objected to the construction of a shopping bazaar near a heritage temple. A leading lawyer moved the HC and requested the judiciary to restrain construction near the temple that will affect the structural stability of the temple and block the view of the majestic rajagopuram (tower). 

A new two-storey commercial complex is being constructed in the area adjacent to the 11-foot earthworks opposite the East Rajagopuram of the temple. Opposite the Rajagopuram, the existing shops will be demolished and a 6,500 square feet, 151 shops, up to 40 feet high apartment building will come up.
East tower. Arunachaleswarar temple.TN

According India Posts (  the Madras High Court prohibits construction of commercial complex opposite Tiruvannamalai temple tower and the judges have ordered that no work should be carried out as the restraining order will come into effect from the moment the order is issue

Shopping complexes  in the place of divinity will affect the sanctity of the place of worship because devotees come there for peace of mind and tranquility and not for shopping.