Lakkundi' s inclusion in the Hampi Tourism Circuit, KA by the previous government - Is it in cold storage?

Stepped well, Lakkundi  Manikeswara temple

Kasivisvesvara temple,Lakkundi, KA –

In February, 2023 the  tourism department of Karnataka under the previous administration made a significant proposal  to improve tourism. The master plan's inclusion of  Lakkundi as prominent as Hampi in historical tourism surprised the historians . It was announced by former CM Basavaraj Bommai.  The inclusion of the architectural heritage site of  Lakkundi in the Hampi Tourism Circuit  was a good move to draw the tourists from all across the globe. The proposed  project would  provide facilities to the visiting domestic and international tourists. From the  inscriptions  we understand  the glory of Gadag district under the Vijayanagar kingdom that flourished here for a long time and gave an impetus to the culture and ethos of this region. Yet another plus was, according to the CM  Bommai,   Gadag district  the birthplace of noted poet Ranna who  enriched  the Kannada language and took to the dizzy heights. He was given shelter at Daana Chintamani Rani Attimabbe.

 Kasivisvesvara Temple at

Above image: Kirtimukha_decoration_on_sikhara_at_Kasivisvesvara_temple, Lakkundi, KA..........

Lakkundi was a major city prior to the 14th century, and is now a village in Gadag District of Karnataka, India. By 10th century, it was already a major economic and commerce center with mint operations for South India. In the 12 th century, it was home to many Hindu and Jain temples. It was one of the capitals of the Hoysala Empire, 14th century and one of its other capital was Belur.

At the inauguration of the Lakkundi Utsav  CM  Basavaraj Bommai  said, "The inscriptions depict the glory of Gadag district as that of the Vijayanagar kingdom. The confluence of the beautiful sculpture is Lakkundi and the government will take steps to make this historical place popular besides giving the impetus to the promotion of tourism. Lakkundi will be included in the Hampi Circuit and will be developed to draw tourists across from the globe.”

It will be nice if the present ruling party includes Lakkundi in the Hampi Tourism Circuit and provide needed amenities for the visiting tourists. It has excellent tourism potential and will prove to be a money spinner for the government.