Giant Octagonal bath, Royal center, Hampi, unesco heritage monuments,of Karnataka

Hampi,Octagonal Bath, Karnataka.


The city  Hampi  is an example of a vandalized and vanished opulent part of a vast  kingdom of Vijayanagar that included part of Tamil Nadu and how  its civilization, rich culture and tradition were very much affected by the change of political scenario. .It was golden era of the Vijayanagara under   Krishna Deva Raya (1509-30) who had built so many temples across south India.  The  battle of Talikota in 1565 between the combined armies of the Deccani Sultanates against the mighty Vijayanagara under king Ramaraya brought about the doom for many reasons. In its wake  a rich and sublime city and its surrounding places  turned into  desolate as the plundering lasted several months. Beautiful building, temples and structures were either damaged or partially pulled down. One such a nice building is Octogonal Bath, once part of the bathing complex.  

Hampi, giant Octagonal bath.


Located in an isolated area it is a gigantic structure  made in the shape of an Octagon.The bathing area / shelter has an octagonal shaped platform at the middle with  an encircling pillared veranda around it. The circular section between the veranda and the platform was  once filled with the water (now empty); now bone dry. 

rHampi damaged  13 th CE Saraswati temple

Hampi,Octagonal Bath royal center

Above image:  Damaged Octogonal royal ath, one of the many in the royal cnter, You can see the damages to the structure. 

There are  damaged structures  around the bath particularly on he west and it is beloved that they were parts of  richly ornate royal buildings. Apparently there seems to be many richly ornate bathing complexes in Hampi in the by-gone era, specifically meant for elite women in that period. Their design style is Indi-Islamic.

Scattered across the place are  imposing monumental remnants of Vijayanagara empire that include lots of fully and partially  damaged structures, and the state government is making serious efforts to make Hampi a popular international tourist center.