why does Kukke Subramanya temple, Karnataka gain popularity and get rich revenue?

 Among the Hindu temples of Karnataka, the most famous and most revenue generating temple at present is Kukke Subrahmanya temple in Subramanya village in the picturesque western ghats of  Dakshina Karnataka.  About the question of the popularity of this temple and the increasing annual income to this temple, I believe there are some reasons. 

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01. Strong belief in traditional  astrology and the horoscope of individuals. 

02.  Superstition and fear.

03.  Kukke Subrahmanya temple is a parikara  kshatra for dosha related to horoscope such as Sharba  Dosham.

04. Influence and impact of  visits by celebrities to the temple. 

05. Impact created by astrologers on their clientele

06. Nice natural ambiance around the temple.

01. Belief in Astrology:  In Hinduism, when a baby  is born, they make a special chart   called Janam Kundali  (Jathagam in Tamil) using the time and place of birth. This chart tells things about the personality, relationship and what his or her  life will be in the future. The astrologer  goes thru a complex process  and uses the planetary positions  in the chart. The time and date of important family events like weddings or naming ceremonies or first birth of a baby and opening of a new business are chosen by the astrologer. Astrology is an integral part of countless Hindus regardless of their education.  Planetary positions  keep changing as time goes by and  astrologers make prediction as per their prevailing  positions in the chart.  

Believers in astrology are concerned about certain negative aspects that might affect their peace and tranquility. One is the bad effects of Sani Bhagavan (Saturn); its effects will last for seven and half years.  For remedy lakhs of Hindus visit Thirunallar near Karikal in the Union territory of Pondicherry- the only major  parikara sthalam in south India.  Chevvai Dosham - it related to marriage and compatibility of the couple. As for the bad effects  such as business loss, slow progress in life, etc  of  shadow planets Ragu-Ketu (twin serpents) the parikara sthalam (for Rahu) is Thirunageswaram temple near Kumbakonam, TN. As far as the Kaala Sepa Dosha or just Naga Dosha,  the negative effects are many -loss of peace of mind, restlessness, etc. For remedy devotees visit Kalahasti temple near Tirupati in AP and lately make a pilgrimage to Kukke Subrahmanya temple near Mangaluru, KA. 

02. Superstition: Invariably people who have belief  in horoscope and the words of advice of astrologer  are more driven by fear / anxiety psychosis  than rational thinking and agree to follow whatever the astrologer says.  Almost most of the astrologers exploit this human weakness.

03. Parikara Kshetra: About  Kukke Subramanya temple, it is one of the seven Mukti Kshatra  established by sage Parasurama. Apart, it is a famous Parikara kshatra  for Naga Dosha. Countless devotees come here to seek remedy and participate in the sevas like  ‘Sarpa Samskara’ or ‘Naga Pratishthe’ or ‘Ashlesha Bali’. The temple is considered as the ultimate place to attain relief from any kind of 'naga doshas'.

Why do the devotees in thousands visit this temple each month

For the past 700 years, the poojas and daily rituals in the temple are conducted by Madhva Brahmins as per "Tantra Sara Sangraha" of Madhvacharya. Their dedication to puja is the hallmark.  Aslesha Bali is performed on Aslesha nakshatra in each month. Devotees prefer  Shravana masa, Karthika masa, and Margashira masa  to perform Aslesha bali at Kukke as they are most auspicious months.

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Sarpa Samskara / Sarpa Dosha is one of the ceremonies performed by devotees at this temple to get rid of the Sarpa Dosha.  The ceremony can be done either by the afflicted person himself if he is male and married or through a priest. This is because the  rituals are similar to those done while performing shraddha (tithi) (funeral rites). Sarpa Samskara devotees are required to be present for two days. Advance booking is a must. 

04. Role of celebrities:  The visit by celebrities to this temple created  a huge impact on the temple and its income.  Ever since the visit of Cricket legend Tendulkar in 2006, there has been a steady flow of celebrities vising the temple and the list includes  cricketers famous Ravi Shastri, Venkatesh Prasad, Javagal Srinath, actors Amitabh Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty, Juhi Chawla, members of the Raj Kapoor family, industrialist Vijay Mallya, former PM of Karnataka H.D. Kumaraswamy, and  a host of others. others.

 Hoy Sala rulers and Vijayanagara kings made solid contribution to this temple. Apart, this temple was visited by the Famous Hindu saint and philosopher Adi Shankara. He stayed here and established a shrine dedicated to serpent deity Vasuki. After the saint's visit, lots of devotees began visiting the temple.  The average footfall per day is around 20000 t0 25000 devotees, on the week ends more than 50000. During  important festival days roughly 100000  devotees visit this place.

05.  Role of Astrologers: You can not set aside the role of professional astrologers who are supposedly good at deciphering your unknown future. No doubt, there are elements of superstitions involved in the belief. No matter what astrologers predict your future, you can not change or rewrite the edit of all pervading god. Seeking remedies is a way of  getting rid of negative aspects in our life and it gives self assurance. Countless devotees come here on a pilgrimage on the advice of their family astrologers. Following their advice, they  do prescribed  parikara at the temple. The famous being ‘Sarpa Samskara’ or ‘Naga Pratishthe’ or ‘Ashlesha Bali’. The temple gets a huge income through such sevas. Devotees have to wait for a long time to book for sevas.   

 06.  Natural ambiance:  Located in the middle of idyllic surrounding  dominated by hills and lush greenery, the place offers a serene atmosphere for the devotees who come here laden with all kinds of worries about their future. It is a nice place to loosen and be at peace with yourselves. Further, many Hindu  mutts  and Dharamshala (famous for centuries old Manjnatha temple) are near this place.