Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal Brahmotsavam May 2024, TN took place with great religious fervor

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The annual  10 day colorful Brahmotsavam   at Kanchi Varadharaja Perumal temple, Tamil Nadu attracts lots of devotees (roughly a million devotees)  from neighboring districts as well. It normally falls in the month of May and part of the attraction is the temple Therrotam - Chariot festival. The festival begins with customary temple flag hoisting on the first day in the early morning. The presiding deity  is taken around the four streets on various vahanas such as garuda , elephant, Sesha (serpent), etc  including golden chariot accompanied by music, drums and other retinue. On the seventh day Perumal will be taken out of the temple from the Vahana Mandapa on a huge beautifully decorated  chariot along with his two consorts - Sri Devi and Bhoomi Devi along the ratha streets around the huge temple. On this occasion the deities wear special clothes and unique gold jewelry. Particularly, Perumal will wear specially made  blue or rose silk cloths.

The tall chariot about 77 ft height  carries colorful canopy and the wooden base of the chariot has intricately carved images of various deities in the Hindu pantheon. Lots of devotees will participate in pulleying the Ratha forward by holding the giant thick  rope (Vadam).  To make the pulling easier, bulldozer will be used in the back to push the chariot from behind. 

More than 600 to 700 police will be on duty during the main festive event as the crowd will be heavy. Varadharaja Perumal temple of Kanchipuram dedicated to lord Vishnu is the 3rd Divaya desam shrine next to Tirupati Balaji temple; the  first being Srirangam Ranganatha temple, TN.  Hindu temple of great antiquity, the temple is known for innumerable beautiful stone sculptures and big  mandapas with ornate pillars.

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Above image: Varadaraja Prumal temple, Kanchipuram city near Chennai. Note the richly stone sculptured hall. The main attraction here is the stone chain hanging at the corner of the hall outside. The temple became popular  under the  Cholas in the 11th century,. The temple expansion took place during that period. Late expansions took place during the reign of various dynasties, notably the Vijayanagar Empire under King Krishnadevaraya. The Vijayanagara rulers donated lots of wealth and  added huge structures to the temple in the 16th century, 

 The sanctum is designed in a manner to allow natural light to fall directly on the deity, especially during specific times of the year. Such features can be noticed only in a few temples Like Srirangam temple almost every day there will be some sort of festive event associated with this famous temple in Tamil Nadu. 

Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal Brahmotsavam 2024 began on the 20th of May;  On 24th Golden chariot festival and  Nachiyar Thrukolam   on the 26th main Therottam was held. Theerthavari took place on the 28th May morning.