Mohan Kheda, Dhar district, MP an important Jain center of leaning and pilgrimage

Mohan Kheda Jain temple, Dhar dist.,

Mohan Kheda is a renowned Śvetāmbara Jain tirtha located in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, India. This sacred site is situated 105 kilometers from Indore and 47 kilometers from Dhar on the Indore-Ahmedabad Highway. Established in 1884 by the revered Acharya Rajendrasuri, Mohan Kheda has become a significant Gyana Kshetra, or center of Jain learning, and holds immense spiritual importance for the Jain community.

The tirtha is distinguished by its impressive 16-foot-tall statue of the first Tirthankara, Rishabhanatha, seated in the lotus position. Additionally, it houses the samadhi derasar of Acharyas Rajendrasuri, Yatindrasuri, and Vidhyachandrasuri, making it a place of deep reverence and historical significance. Each year, Mohan Kheda hosts vibrant fairs on the fifteenth day of Kartika, the month of Chaitra, and the seventh day of Pausha, drawing thousands of devotees who come to celebrate and seek blessings.

The history of Mohan Kheda dates back to 1884 when Acharya Rajendrasuri, while wandering through the area, recognized its serene and sacred atmosphere. He predicted that this land would rise in holiness and become a major tirtha. On Margshirsha Shukla 7th of the same year, he performed the anjan shalaka ceremony, establishing all Jina bimbas, including that of Rishab Bhagwan, and proclaimed the site as Mohankheda. This marked the beginning of its journey as a revered pilgrimage destination.

Following Acharya Rajendrasuri's death in 1906, his disciples constructed a memorial samadhi temple in his honor. His passing is commemorated with an annual fair on Pausha Sudi 7th, attracting numerous followers who pay homage to the great Acharya. The original temple underwent renovation in 1957, and its murtis were re-established by the chief disciples of Yatindrasuri and Chandrasuri. Today, the temple complex features images of Rishabhanatha, Parshvanatha, and other revered figures, along with memorials for Rajendrasuri and Dhanchandrasuri.

Mohan Kheda has evolved into a grand pilgrimage site with modern facilities to accommodate the needs of visitors. The complex includes spacious rest houses with over 500 rooms, providing free meals to pilgrims under the care of the Shri Adinath Rajendra Jain Shwetamber Charitable Trust. The Adinath Jain Gurukul offers education in Jain culture and religion, while three academic institutions—Shri Rajendra Vidya Sanskar Vakita Progressive School, Shri Rajendra Vidya Sankar Dham, and Guru Rajendra Jain International School—operate under the Shri Mohankheda Tirth Trust, contributing to the holistic development of the community.

Acharya Rajendrasuri, a major reformer of the 19th century, was born on December 3, 1827, in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Renouncing worldly life, he was initiated as a Jain yati in 1846. He vehemently opposed the corrupt practices of Jain yatis and advocated for a life of purity, simplicity, and non-possession. His reforms led to the restoration of Jain temples, the establishment of socio-religious organizations, and the promotion of Jain values. Acharya Rajendrasuri attained moksha on December 21, 1906. Every year, devotees from around the world gather at Mohan Kheda to celebrate his birth and Nirvana day, participating in spiritual and miraculous aartis in his honor.