''Severe verbal abuse from the wife is like washing one's hand in a pond full of piranhas''

There is no husband in the world who does not get clobbered by his wife at least once in a life time. If the husband denies this ubiquitous martial  misadventure which is inevitable, he is a liar.  This kind of  painful incident occurs all over the world regardless of religion, race and caste, more so in India. 

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The lament of a drunk husband reveals the depth of his emotional turmoil and distress in a vivid and poignant manner. He compares the pain of hearing harsh words and obscenities from his intemperate, yelling wife to the unimaginable horror of washing his hands in a pond teeming with invisible piranhas. This striking analogy underscores the unexpected and severe nature of his suffering, emphasizing how deeply her words cut into his spirit. Just as the invisible piranhas inflict relentless, unseen damage, the verbal assaults from his wife leave him feeling tormented and wounded in ways that are not immediately visible but profoundly felt. The husband's use of hyperbolic imagery serves to convey the intensity of his emotions, painting a picture of his agony that is both dramatic and relatable. His lament is a powerful expression of the pain that harsh words can inflict, illustrating how emotional abuse can be as excruciating and damaging as physical harm. Through this comparison, he seeks understanding and empathy, highlighting the often-overlooked suffering caused by verbal and emotional abuse.