Colonial Curzon Bridge, Prayagraj (Allahabad) UP - efforts are afoot to build skywalk made of transparent glass

Lord Curzon Bridge Allahabad, UP 

Lord Curzon Bridge Allahabad ,UP

Above image": Abandoned colonial bridge, Uttar Pradesh  connecting Allahabad with Phaphamau from the Teliarganj area over Ganga...............

Abandoned Curzon bridge, Allahabad, India

Lord Curzon Bridge, Prayagraj (formerly Allahabad) is a historic structure spanning the River Ganges, connecting Prayagraj with Phaphamau from the Teliarganj area. Measuring 914 meters in length, the bridge was sanctioned as a state railway bridge in 1901 and was built for both railway and vehicular traffic. It was named after Lord Curzon, who served as India’s Viceroy from 1899 to 1905. The bridge, an engineering marvel of its time, features a single broad gauge railway line with a roadway on top. The railway section opened on June 15, 1905, and the roadway followed on December 20, 1905, under the supervision of engineer Robert Richard Gales.

Lord Curzon Bridge Allahabad , UP,

The bridge was closed in 1998 due to safety concerns, although it continued to be used by pedestrians and two-wheeler riders for some time. In 2017, discussions emerged about preserving the bridge as a heritage site rather than dismantling it. Senior railway officials requested that the government consider this option, and the Uttar Pradesh government subsequently requested the bridge's transfer from the Railways. This transfer was agreed upon in August 2018, marking the second instance of the Railways handing over a century-old bridge to a state government, following the transfer of the Havelock Bridge to the Andhra Pradesh government in 2017.

The Uttar Pradesh government plans to develop the abandoned colonial railway bridge into a 'skywalk' made of transparent glass supported by metal frames and wires. This initiative aims to encourage the public to appreciate the diverse cultures along and around the Ganga River. The proposed skywalk will serve as a cultural and historical attraction, highlighting the rich heritage of the region while promoting tourism and education about the area's history and significance.