Vadakkan Koyikkal Bhagavathi Temple Kerala - a vibrant Hindu place of worship

Vadakkan Koyikkal  Bhagavathi Temple Kerala,

Vadakkan Koyikkal Temple, a revered Devi or Bhagavathi temple, is located in Puthiyavila village near Kayamkulam in Alappuzha district, Kerala. The principal deity worshiped here is Sree Parvathy Devi, consort of Lord Shiva.  Additionally, the temple houses idols of Lord Shiva, Bhadrakaali, and Sree Dharma Shastav . Other deities such as Naga Devada, Khandakarna, Yekshi, Yogishwara, and Brahmarakshas are also venerated in this sacred place.

Vadakkan Koyikkal temple,Kerala

A distinctive feature of the Vadakkan Koyikkal Temple is its two-story sreekovil (sanctum sanctorum). Commonly all Hindu temples have only one main sanctum -garbhagriha. The main idol of goddess  Parvathy is enshrined on the ground floor, while the idol of Mahadeva (Shiva) is placed on the first floor. This unique architectural style adds to the temple’s spiritual ambiance and significance.

Kumba Bharani festival, Vadakkan Koyikkal  temple, Kerala

The temple's main festival is Kumbha Bharani, celebrated on the Bharani day in the Malayalam month of Kumbham. This festival, believed to mark the birthday of Vadakkan Koyikkal Devi, extends over ten days. The ninth and tenth days are particularly spectacular, featuring the vibrant kettukazhcha, a procession with elaborately decorated structures.

Another important event at the temple is the Navaha Yekngam, held over nine days in the months of April and May. During this period, various religious ceremonies (poojas) are conducted, and annadana (the offering of food to devotees) takes place daily, emphasizing the temple's role as a center of spiritual and communal harmony.

The combination of unique architectural elements, significant festivals, and continuous spiritual activities makes Vadakkan  Koyikkal Temple a prominent and cherished place of worship in Kerala. Devotees from various regions visit the temple to seek blessings and participate in its vibrant cultural and religious events, making it a cornerstone of local heritage and spirituality.