Racial slurs and late Enoch Powell, British M.P

Enoch Powell ex.British MP (1960s ).famous India baiter. en.wikipedia.org

Enoch Powell, a well known racist and a former  British MP in the 1960s  was a torch bearer of the British conservative society.  Like Churchill, Charles Dickens and a host other leaders with a conservative bent of mind and bark, he was  more known for his racial bigotry  and  carping remarks against colored people than his any other contribution of value.  He never liked the people from the Indian subcontinent, nor did he accept the blacks as immigrants in England. His 'Rivers of Blood speech' (April 20, 1968) criticising Commonwealth immigration, and anti-discrimination legislation that had been proposed in the United Kingdom pushed him politically to a higher level but, he invited the fury of lots of people for his nauseating hate speech. Powell (1912–1998) was the Conservative Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West and he spewed racial venom on the Indian and west Indian  immigrants and  talked about forced return of immigrants settled in England.  The speech caused a  political storm, making Powell,  one of the most talked about, though divisive, politicians in the country, his poor public demeanour and carping criticisms in the realm of race ultimately led to to his controversial dismissal from the Shadow Cabinet by Conservative party leader Edward Heath. He not only tarnished his own image, but also that of the British society. Already the British got a bad rap for the atrocities they committed in India during the colonial days by way of improving the British economy, using India's vast resources - both natural resources and man power. 

Powell recalled  a conversation he had with a middle aged working man a few weeks earlier. It was about the large influx of non-white immigrants in the UK, especially people from the Indian subcontinent, Africa and West Indies.  Powell said that the man told him: "If I had the money to go, I wouldn't stay in this country… .  "In this country in 15 or 20 years' time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man".

The crux of the matter is Indian Immigrants legally came to England to work and  to make an honest living and not to loot and cheat as the British did for nearly  more than 200 years in India till their  last exit in August, 1947. A British pauper, who entered the services of  Her Majesty in  British India after several years of his lousy, dishonest services, had amassed enough money to buy a small estate with a palatial house on his return to England. Some made more dough to have paramours in the twilight of their lives, as one Indian tourist from England said. With some exceptions many British East India Company  officials practised  corruption, nepotism, wheeling and under dealing  and were never ashamed of wallowing in ill-gotten money at the cost of gullible Indians whose hospitality they took over advantage of.    "I bet my life, among the Indian immigrants there, can you spot a Clive, the father of corruption or Warren Hastings, a wheeler dealer or Wellesley, who took away the heavy gold ring from the valiant ruler Tipu Sultan immediately after his death on the battle field at Srirangapatna?" 

Using a web of intrigues, intimidation and diabolism in the beginning, the British East India company brought the entire Bengal under their control, killing the Nawob of Bengal, Siraj-ud Daulah with help from some ungrateful people and traitors in his service. Subsequently in the name of ''Subsidiary Alliance'' and the ''Doctrine of Lapse'', they took over the rich Indian kingdoms and pushed the affluent Indian rulers down from sublime to disgrace. In order to fight Hyder Ali of Mysore, the East India company squeezed money from the Nawob of Awadh and some Maharajahs in the north. The British turned them into panhandlers and they never regretted it. Using dishonest means and traitors in the kingdoms, they felled patriots like Tipu Sultan, Jansi Rani (Queen of Gwalior), Velu Nachiyar (Queen of Ramnad), et al. In south Tamil Nadu, they took away the lands from the local Palayakkarars (Poligars), the proud and pious natives and without scruples hanged  to death Veerapandya Kattabomman, Mardu brothers, Oomathuri and scores of Indian patriots just because they rebelled against the British colonial rule. They had never let the Swadeshi Shipping company, started by V.O.Chidambaram, a lawyer of repute and patriot with help from Tilak, run the ships. They at last put VOC in jail under some pretext, later he and family became very poor. He was rescued by some good-hearted British soul.

The 1968 fiery, foolish racial speech by Powell, without realizing its ramification, had such an impact on the society, particularly on hobos,  rednecks, punks and skinheads, consequently the frequency of  racial harassment against Asians was on the increase and  slowly spilled over into clashes between young Asians, the police and  Skinheads in Britain's inner cities. Though discrimination in England is on the decline now, subtle discrimination is being practised somewhere there. 

Late Sir Winston Churchill's roar was damn conservative, but Powell's bite was always nasty and racial. These two famous English people got a bad name in the sub continents, where the natives are still grateful to those scores of British officials and intellectuals under the Raj, who sincerely worked hard for the welfare of Indians. They are the real examples of true Christian spirits and sacrifices. Churchill and Powel are just bad apples, not revered by the patriotic Indians. 


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