Depiction of  "Makara" is an integral part of Hindu  and Buddhist temple architecture
Thyagaraja Swamy temple, Thiruvarur  has two thers  movable Azhi Ther and Unmovable Kal Ther (stone chariot)
Thiruvarur Kal ther at Thyagaraja temple - a reminder of Manu Neeti Chozhan's flawless dispensation of justice
''Kirtimukha", a traditional part of  Hindu temple architecture, wards off devotees from ego and greed!!
"Āvaraṇa-devatā" of  the Hindu temple - a brief note
Bali Peetam,  of a Hindu temple - What does it highlight?
The largest  Dwarapala sculpture -  1000 year old unearthed in Telangana
Thirumalapuram Rock Cut Temples of Tirunelveli District - this heritage site needs lots of publicity
Chittoor Kottaram (palace) of erstwhile  Kochi Maharajah - a heritage resort on a fantasy island
 Ayyanar shrines with rows of  terracotta horses of  Chettinad, TN  - facing decline
Ayyanar, a village guardian god - an integral part of  rural space of Tamil Nadu