Hindu temples - there is a need for precautions against fire mishaps and stampedes
Vainatheya Temple dedicated to ''Garuda'' at Bindiganavile, KA - the story of wooden Garuda
''Live Snake offering ''to the Garuda temple at Triprangode in Malappuram District. Kerala
Only  ''Garuda temple '' in Kerala at Triprangode, Mallapuram district!
 Kal Garuda vahana of Nachiyar temple, TN carries a mystery - weight remains  same no matter how many people carry it!!
Garuda Deva, an integral part of Vaishnavism - a brief note
Heliodorus or Garuda stone  pillar, 2nd BCE, Besnagar, M.P - earliest pillar in India
Iconic Kala-Ghoda statue of Mumbai was restored without the rider King Edward VII