Drunk Indian elephants and terrified villagers, NE India

Drunk elephant on rampage. Dumurkota villageWest Bengal,
Belly up. jumbo high on Indian country brew,www.ecorazzi.com

 Last drop of the brew.Dumurkota village,W. Bengal, aceguide.

The old saying that men are molded by the surroundings in which they live is quite an agreeable fact of life  and it is true that men pick up  good or bad habits, depending on the situations as well as opportunities that  come to them easily. But, as we know discretion is better part of valor and man's ability to see right and wrong in anything he does will keep him in check.  What about the animals ? Are they susceptible to their weakness just like men? Do their  behavior, eating habits, etc.,  get changed through time  by their surroundings once they leave their habitat due to lack of food water, etc. Yes, they are prone to changes under compelling circumstances.

''They came, they saw and they got hooked to it!''  Can you imagine who the hell  they are ? Drunk Jumbos of certain parts of West Bengal, Assam, etc.!! You may be in for a surprise. How does this thing happen to the largest mammals? The near-by villagers who are mainly tribes make a local brew called ''Mahua'', an indigenous alcoholic drink made in Indian subcontinent, It is fermented and distilled from any fruit that has high sugar content, for example Orange, Papaya, Banana, Pineapples. It is  called poor man's brew and is affordable. It is said that one can get bombed easily by consuming this country brew and is not harmful to health unless it is misused. The elephants that live in the near by forest once in a while come out of their areas in search of food. Somehow they  accidentally taste the brew stocked by the villagers living on the fringes. Apparently they enjoy it and its  soothing effect.  The intoxicating effect has smoothened their nerves and they not only has developed a taste for it  but also also picked up the strong smell of the drink.  As time goes  by the elephants are obsessed with the drinks Laopani, a rice beer or Mahua. Because of the proximity of the villages and their scenting ability, their earthy visits  to the villages are on the increase. Seeing the elephants as a threat to their lives and livelihood, consequently the villagers are living in constant fear that when and where the Jumbos  will have a gala wild drinking party and  a little merriment by way of sending the already scared people helter- skelter.

With his favorite brew, Is this cat on drunken stupor? bp.blogspot.co

Numerous incidences of  wild elephants attacking human settlements in a state of drunkenness are reported from Assam where more than 4,500 elephants live in the state according to a Forest Department census.
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The real tragedy is after swilling barrels of homemade beer in the villages, elephants raided several homes looking for more local brew. Since they down the stuff to their heart's content, they get intoxicated and frequently run amock. In the process numerous  people have been killed by the drunk jumbos. Growing elephant population, shrinking  habitats  and development of new settlements near the edge of the forests are the main causes of this conflict between humans and pachyderms.

 Dumurkota village (Near The Kangsabati River system), under Kotwali police station  Purulia District  in West Bengal in February, 2013 witnessed 50  elephants in a stupor went on a rampage attacking shops and houses after reportedly consuming 18 containers (roughly 500 liters) of the locally-made alcohol drink, Mahua. They were  part of a 120 strong herd from a place  called Damla. The elephant menace in Assam is really alarming. There during the raids, the elephants feast on stored grain and gulp down "Laopani," a rice beer popular among tribes. Numerous people have lost their lives on account of rampaging drunken elephants. The elephants have become addicts to such an extend, swilling barrels of homemade beer in the villages and after a big round, rampaging and terrorizing the village folks have become frequent ritual. 

If the jumbos have a binge drinking party, I bet, there will be no party poopers!! On the contrary the village tribes will be on the double and no turning back.

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