Christ Church (colonial) ,second oldest in North India

Christ church,Shimla,

Christ church,Shimla, India
Christ church, Shimla
  Among the churches of India built during the colonial days, many of them built in Gothic or Elizabethan  or European styles  still carry on their legacies in spite of the long passage of time and many of them are fairly being well maintained, The Christ Church at Shimla (also known as Simla), now the capital of Himachal Pradesh state, has been a landmark at the Ridge ever since it was built with a beautiful scenery in the backdrop. Shimla has  a number of buildings that are built in the Tudorbethan and neo-Gothic architectures dating from the colonial era, as well as multiple temples and churches. The colonial architecture and churches, the temples and the picturesque scenery attract lots of tourists from India and abroad.    

Christ Church, Shimla, a parish in the Diocese of Amritsar in the Church of North India has the distinction of being the second oldest church in North India.  It was built in the neo-Gothic style in 1857 to serve the largely Anglican British community living in the summer hill station that  was formerly referred to as  Simla,
Christ church,Shimla, 
Christ church,Shimla, India.
Christ Church, The Ridge (Shimla).The beautiful stained glass window.
 Biggest pipe organ (1899)Christ church shimla,
This historical church building,  made of stone and  brick in lime morter, was designed by Colonel J. T. Boileau in 1844 (corner stones were laid) and was consecrated after 1857. At that time the East India company was under severe strain on account of growing resentment among the Indian natives that resulted in Sepoy Mutiny- worst revolt against the British. It is quite amazing this church survived the worst period in the sub continent including partition of India into two countries.
Christ church,Shimla, India.bhavesh 
This beautiful  church comes alive  and looks more impressive at night after illumination. The lights are set in such a way the night illumination causes a glow. Situated on a ridge, the  silhouette of Christ Church is quite visible  for miles  in and around the vicinity of Shimla. Its grandeur and beauty, particularly at night will mesmerize the visitors to the city, once the summer capital of British India; the most favorable place of Lord Curzon. The Christ church, an  Elizabethan style building is a store house of  wonderful collection of books and scriptures. The impressive clock donated by one British  Colonel J. T. Boileau in 1860 is not functional. Additional structures such as porch, etc were added in the later period -  in 1873 during the rule of the British Crown. There are beautiful stained color glass windows - implying Faith, Hope, and Charity. Tainted glass windows are surrounded by memorial  plaques. A unique feature of this church is its pretty old pipe organ which is the biggest one in the Indian subcontinent and was installed in September, 1899.