9th century Kadamattom Church, Kerala

Interior of the Kadamattom Church,Muvattupuzha, Kerala. en.wikipedia.org

St. George Syrian Orthodox Church Kadamattom., Kerala

Among the churches of Kerala that are pretty old, dating back to  several centuries,  Kadamattom Church is a famous and historical church. This unique church of great antiquity is being visited by lots of devotees. Located in a serene environment, this church offers peace of mind and tranquility to the visitors.

Kadamattom Church, situated close  to Kolenchery town near Muvattupuzha, Earnakulam District in the Southern state of Kerala, India, is one of the ancient churches in India dating back to the 9th Century AD. It is believed the old church was built before AD 650, as  confirmed  by the fact that, at  that  time, Kolencherry Church (built around AD 650) had not yet come into existence. Built on a property  donated by  the 'Karthas', the then prominent family of Kadamattom, this church is located near the  Kochi -Madurai National Highway 49 and lies onr kilometer (0.62 mi) after the Peruvammuzhi Junction.

.famous Persian cross,Kadamattom Church. en.wikipedia.org

Legend has it, one of the children of the Karthas family, the rulers of this area,  was stricken with incurable disease. The local medical treatments, having been failed, as it was difficult to identify the disease, the kid as taken to one  Mar Sabor (also known as Mar Abo), a Middle Eastern monk from Syriac Orthodox Church, who was on a visit to the church. He invoked the blessing of God, the almighty and the child was cured of this supposedly incurable disease. As a token of their gratitude and gesture the family donated the land  upon which the present church stands now.The church was built in Gothic architectural style.

This famous church was established by Mar Abo with the help of  the then local ruler Kartha, of Kadamattom,  well assisted by Reverend Paulose, alias the legendary Kadamattathu Kathanar’s mentor.  Mar Abo stayed with a poor widow and her son Paulose who was later ordained as a priest of the church.

A Persian cross with four equal arms with ancient writings inscribed is the major attraction here and can be seen on the right wall of the Madhbaha or Holy of Holies.  The wings of the cross also end with floral designs. The tombstone of Mar Thoma IX (Formerly Pakalomattom, Kathanar)  is  on the left side just outside the Madhbaha. An interesting feature of this church that astonishes th visitors is the Church door lock. What is unique about it? Unlike locks made of metal of some alloy, the lock is a wooden one with wooden mechanism. There is a deep well here called Pathaala kinar that has been there since the inception of this church.

Major festivals  are observed during the January – February period. they mark  the death anniversary of the legendary priest, who, it is believed, besides being a theologian, had supernatural powers.