Funny quotes 12

spreading rumours
Spreading Rumors cartoon.

Immune to rumor:

"I try to live on a diet of good food, good 
reading and good music, but not on rumor and  
hearsays. For neither have I time  nor have an ear
for that."
........  A message on the door of a not too busy lady manager of an office.

Overstepping on love:

over love.

"If you over step on real or true love, perhaps, it 
may be mistaken for infatuation."

over love,



"More often  flattery or over adulation is a trap  than
a sob."

Rural and city people:

Rude city smoker
rural transport?

"In rural India people's hoard is little, but their heart
is  big, whereas in urban areas their hoard is huge, 
but their heart is small and  as malicious as it 
can be."

Rural isolation?

Ridding piggyback:

skunk mom

In the thick wooded forest a message was pinned on 
the tree trunk:

"A 'herd' of neighborhood dirty politicians will be visiting this forest pretty soon to choose the denizens of forest for ridding piggy back. So watch out."

........... signed: Lions, tigers, hyenas, wild dogs, wild buffaloes, skunks, et al.