Quotes for life - 06

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If a man talks too much,  he is talkative, If he speaks  too
Little,  he is reserved,
If he spends too much,  he is spendthrift,
If he advances too much,  he is wayward
If he lags behind,  he is haggard,
If he insists too much, he is obstinate,
If he insists too little, he is fickle-minded,
If he is accommodating, he makes himself cheap,
If he remains stiff, he is proud".
                              ..... from  The Sunday Times  July 05, 1953. 

Devil and saint:
                "When Devils and demons get an upper hand, saintly will  remain unaffected, calm and composed as a placid lagoon".

  God & our desires:                   
            "God neither requires man's  offerings to fulfil his desires, nor expects him to return  His own gifts bestowed on him; His gifts being how lucky to be born with able bodied without any physical impairments".