Funny quotes and humor - 37

Dawn of recession:

 "There is a way to differentiate between recession and depression in a country where the economy is near the edge of the down hill, ready to slide. All you have to do is to watch your neighbors in your area. If they lose the job one by one, it means recession is raising its ugly head. Having been lucky so far and at the end of the day if you find out you too have lost the job, it is depression".

Political Humor - 

Marriage and Stability:


"In the olden days in India, much importance was given to the sustained stability of marriages.The in-laws were keenly interested in the married life of their children. When things go wrong between a couple, they diligently played the role of a ballast, giving the needed stability to the marriage. They saw to  it the Gondola  of marital life carrying husband and wife  had  never swayed off the right path".


Panhandlers and politicians:

Navrang India - blogger
Navrang India-blogger
"Though they are doing the same job in a different way, there exists a difference between panhandlers who rattle their panhandle on the sunny streets to get our attention and our dirty politicians who work for the people in the comforts of air-conditioned buildings. The former, living in abject poverty, go begging on the crowded cities to fill up his sunken stomach. Whereas the latter, shamelessly  go on a begging spree by way of demanding kickbacks  to make their already fat belly burst at seams"and stash their boodle in the Swiss banks".

Indian politician, likes anything Black.