The Kanpur Memorial Church, a memorial to the British killed in 1857 mutiny!!

Kanpur Memorial Church India Kanpur: TripAdvisor

Kanpur Memorial Church India  Kanpur

India Kanpur: All Souls Church

During the great rebellion  of 1857, lots of British belonging to Kanpur Barracks  were killed by the Indian rebels who were hell-bent and in rage against British atrocities. Unfortunately, the casualty included British children and women. A foolish act of some Indian soldiers got the bad name for the Indians.  That the British  killed Indian natives  more than 100 times that  of their causality is a different story. Incidentally Kanpur(Cawnpore) had the second largest European community in the entire subcontinent in the mid 1800s.

carved figure of an angle Kanpur Memorial

The Kanpur Memorial Church was built in 1875, in honor of the British who lost their lives in the worst carved figure of an angle Kanpur Memorial of 1857. The Church was designed by Walter Granville, architect of the erstwhile East Bengal Railway. It is characteristic  of Lombardic Gothic style, using vibrant bright red sandstone brick, with polychrome dressings. The carved marble Gothic screen with famous `mournful seraph’ is handsomely  designed by Henry Yule. A memorial Garden, accessed through two gateways is in a separate enclosure to the east of the church.  At the center of the garden is set a beautiful carved figure of an angle by Baron Carlo Marochetti, with crossed arms, holding pylons, symbolic of peace. The interior has the heartbreaking memorial tables, epitaphs and monuments that pay a tribute to those soldiers who lost their precious lives for their country. They also narrate the shattered hopes and dreams of the young whose life ended even before their natural death.

The Kanpur Memorial Church was built in 1875,

 Originally the statue and the screen were in the Municipal Gardens in the centre of the city, over the site of the Bibighar well. It was after independence in 1948, the memorials were relocated here.The British dismantled the Bibighar and built a memorial railing and a cross at the site of the well. In 1862, they built a church called All Souls’ Cathedral in memory of those killed; subsequently it was renamed the Kanpur Memorial Church. This Church still stands at what was the northeast corner of Wheeler’s entrenchment.

Altar, stained windows, Kanpur memorial

Altar, stained windows, Kanpur memorial church. hotoSpin

Above image:  All Souls Memorial Church, Cawnpore (now Kanpur). Designed by Walter L. B. Granville. 1862-75. Red brick with polychrome dressings. The church is located at one of the most notorious sites of the great uprising of 1857, near the entrenchment where General Wheeler and his men tried unsuccessfully to hold out against the rebellious sepoys under the command of local potentate Nana Sahib. It was said to have cost £18,000 to build the church. (Keene40;
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 The Military Cemetery on the edge of the cantonment has a number of interesting graves from the late 19th century. 

The king Edward VII memorial hall and Christ Church building, built in 1840 are of interest to the tourists who like old colonial structures.

03. The Kanpur Memorial Church recounts the unfortunate massacre of the Kanpur Barracks.