The Huzoor Palace, Porbandar, Gujarat

The Huzoor Palace,Gujarat Tourist Guide
 The Indian subcontinent has hundreds of historical places of grandeur and beauty, dating back to centuries. They are remnants of past era dominated by Maharajahs and Nawabs. Countless palaces have become heritage hotels catering to the tourists. The Huzoor Palace is  a vintage structure located in a town that was the birth place of Gandhiji, the little man who shook the base of the British Empire.

The Huzoor Palace (also Huzar Palace), in Porbandar, Gujarat state  was built by Rana Natwarsinhji. He was the last  ruler  of the Princely State of Porbandar  in the early years of the 20th century, He had considerable clout with the Europeans.. The palace is in possession of the successors of the Maharajah's family members who reside in London; so, it is not open to public. Porbander in the Kathiavar Peninsula on the Arabian Coast, is the birth place of the apostle of Non-violence and freedom fighter Mohandas K. Gandhi, Father of Nation,  The palace is located on the coastal area facing the Arabian Sea.

The Huzoor Palace,Porbander.

Above image: The Huzoor Palace at Marine Drive of Porbandar city built by last Jethwa ruler of State, Maharana Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji in early 20th century.

The palace building design shows strong European influence  with many wings and a slanting roof. The windows are very large  that give clear view of the sea. The various wings of the palace have front and backyards, and  are  so designed  as to  present a natural scenic ambiance  with  gardens and fountains around them. The semi-circular ornamental porticoes in the facade are built with neoclassical columns that make this edifice more impressive and grandeur.

During the colonial days and later. tradition had been that during the Navratri festival people of the town  visit the palace grounds to pay  nazar or pay respect to the former Maharajah and Maharani of Porbandar.,_Porbandar