Beautiful Queen Rupmati's Mosque, Ahmedabad

Rani Rupmati mosque, Ahmedabad. MapmyIndia Map
Tomb of Rupmati. Ahmedabad,
Rani Rupmati Mosque in Ahmedabad city,  was built  by Sultan Mehmud Begada (or Mehmud Shah) in fond memory of his wife.
Rani Rupmati's Mirzapur Queen's) Mosque,  Gujarat, IndiaAlamy
It is a historical monument built in the medieval era in the Mirzapur area of Ahmedabad. Named after Rani Rupmati, his Hindu wife whom  Begada had married after the death of Qutubuddin, the mosque is a blend of  Indo-Saracenic style. Formerly, Rani Roopmati was the princess of Dhar. Her tomb is located right next to the main mosque. The mosque was constructed during 1430-1440 AD  the latter part of Ahmed Shah I’s reign in Gujarat.

Rani Rupmati mosque, Ahmedabad. Alamy
The dimension of the mosque: 105 feet long, 46 feet wide and 32 feet high. A high central arch, 3 imposing domes, slim minarets, carved galleries and an exquisite ‘mihrab’ are the main features  of the mosque. The three domes are supported by pillars and are interconnected by a flat roof. The domes are supported with rows of 12 pillars each. The central dome is elevated so as to  provide natural light in the interior of the mosque, avoiding the glare of the sun. The ceiling of the dome has  typical  Hindu style patterns. The prayer hall of the mosque is built with great aesthetic  sense and it consists of exquisite carvings.
Rani Rupmati mosque, Ahmedabad. Sid the Wanderer
Rani Rupmati mosque is built in a unique structural style that shows a blend of  Hindu and Muslim architecture and can be marked out as a beautiful building among others. Particularly, the patterns in the ceiling  bring out the influence of Hindu style.    In 1819, one of the minarets was damaged due to earthquake
Rani Rupamati's Mosque,Ahmedabad.
disaster taken place in  Ahmedabad and neighboring places. 
The mosque is a fine  example of the extraordinary  skill  and  craftsmanship of Gujarat. Rani Roopmati Mosque is popularly known as Masjid-e-Nagina or Mirzapur queen's mosque.