Lal Darwaza Mosque (1447) built by queen Rajye Bibi, Jaunpur, UP

Jaunpur, UP. Uttar Pradesh Election 2017
1447 AD Lal Darwaza Masjid, Jaunpur, UP. Luxury Trails Of India
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Jaunpur town in Jaunpur District , Uttar Pradesh is well-known for impressive  mosques of architectural beauty and grandeur. It is repository  of medieval history and monuments.  Being historical, they came up during the reign of Sharqi Dynasty whose rule was  quite efficient and the city flourished during that period.  In 1447 was built Lal Darwaza Mosque or Ruby Gate Mosque. It was a dedication to the Muslim saint of repute Syyid Ali Dawood Kuttubbudin from Queen Rajye Bibi, wife of Sultan Mohmod Sharqi. She belonged to the Jaunpur Sultanate  (1394 - 1479) and, it is said,  the great saints descendants still live here. The mosque is the smallest one as it was a private mosque to be used by the queen to say her Namaz. The proximity of this mosque to the palace confirms this.
Jaunpur, UP. Uttar Pradesh Election 2017
Lal Darwaza (Ruby Gate) Mosque has derived its  name from the vermilion-painted lofty gateway of Bibi Rajye’s royal palace, that stood adjacent to it. It is in the extreme north west and known by names Mohalla Laldarwza or Begum Ganj. The color of the entrance of the mosque  accentuates its appearance. Of late, the color, because of ageing and climatic changes, has turned into pinkish. This mosque has one central pylon and structurally differs from other mosques.  There are three gates to the mosque,
Lal Dawaza Mosque,

Lal darwaza mosque, tomb of the great saint.
among which the eastern  and the main gate is the largest  and assumes more prominence than the others.  A unique feature of this mosque, which is rarely noticeable in other places,  is the location of Zenana - the exclusive section for the women and girls in Muslim dwelling and place of worship. Here, Zenana is centrally located, invariably it is located at one end of the structure in many mosques.
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01. Queen Bibi Rajye  founded a religious school in  a place close to  the Lal Darwaza in Jaunpur to impart religious training to the local students interested in Muslim theology and named the school (or Madrasa) as Jamia Hussainia and it exists till day..

02. Mohalla Namaz Gah was named by Bibi Rajye, who also builds here a monastery and a College. Staffed with well read people, teachers and Ulema, it attracts students from many parts of India. 

03. Besides, Queen Rajye also founded a school for women way back in 1441, thus giving due importance to women's rights to education and equal participation in the society. In this regard the Sharqi rulers were quite liberal  and never had any conservative view on Muslim woman and her role in nation building.,_Jaunpur