Basic Skills you need to develop business.
Among a million people, a fraction of them take to business as their carrier and only a small percentage of them slowly and steadily reach the summit and enjoy the thrill of having succeeded in their endeavor. While the rest, just like Marathon runners fall midway one by one after loosing their steam. Reason: Prospective entrepreneurs don not know their hidden skills and apply them collectively.

Regardless of your technical skill and knowledge in a specific field, there are certain common skills one ought to develop if his chosen field is business.  The age  old wheeze ''If there is a will, there is a way''  is quite applicable  here. 

The following tips may be of some interest to you:

Develop vision:  Any work primarily needs a vision. Carefully decide what kind of business you want to do based on your technical skill  and  practical knowledge and try to visualize that one day you will accomplish your dream. Chase your dream with a mission and focus and never let your dream fade from your mind.

Develop goal: Any endeavor without a set of goals is useless.  There should be a definite goal in your mind and you should work towards achieving it.  Starting with small goals is a right move  at the outset. After tackling  and  achieving  small goals, move on to bigger goals and be ready to take on new challenges.

Be resolute: Success is not offered to you on a silver platter. Part of success is taking calculated risk and you can not skip it, Nor can you avoid it.  Bear in mind, don't be afraid to take certain risk within your limitation, in particular, when you face bigger goals and  new challenges. The crux of the matter is the risk factor must be manageable.

Develop Strategy: Strategy plays a key role in  scientific research and  wars between nations and running companies. Strategies is something like one of the rungs in the ladder. If you skip it to speed your goal, surely you will trip. So, chalking out business  strategies is a must to set path to achieve your goal. Strategies vary from the business to business. If one strategy does not work, keep trying other ways and shift your strategy and approach that may suit you the best. In this case you must develop the ability to adopt to changes and adopt  to new methods of working while keeping your vision in focus.

Be passionate: Passion is a driving force behind  successful young business people. If you lack passion, motivation is the casualty. Lise wise being over passionate is not good. Steadfast passion coupled with enthusiasm, planning and execution will keep you on the right path.

Communication skill:  Communication skill  does not mean you should be a good orator holding the audience spell-bound. It consists of  every form of  effective  communication such as  email, letter-writing and phone conversation. Clarity and ability to convince your ideas or or vision must be given priority.

Public relations:  Successful business people  are good at public relations. Having or developing  lasting relationships with the right well-motivated people i an asset. Be active on the social circuit. Building good relationship with like minded people will help you succeed.

Be Persistent:  Be persistent on the same goal, but change tactics, if need be.

Be a learner:  Every day  you learn something new, not experienced before. As time changes, so does  new technique. Be conversant with the latest business management techniques  and new technology to help your business grow. Do not ever give room to complacency  that may set your business slide downhill.

Retention:  No matter how many customers you have, you must learn to retain them so that thy will become regular customers. Take their complaints seriously  and act accordingly and this way you can improve the customer service as well as the quality of your products. Giving small gifts or compliments  may be a good bet to retain them. This will impress on them that your company values their support. 
Motivate Us
More retention means more exposure and better progress.

Besides above, do not take decision in haste that may cause grave mistake. You can not expect result overnight. So, be patient. Grab the opportunity and make the best out of it.