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''  'Lust' has  no eyes Nor does it have discretion. Fathomless, it is like a man getting caught in the quicksand. Uncontrolled urge may lead to self- destruction, loss of self-respect and name. Unlike true love, it does not last long and is devoid of a binding factor. It's other name is poison''.

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 ''It grows along with uncontrollable desire and the limit is sky-high. It pushes a man faster to the grave than other unacceptable qualities. Needless to say, it is the root cause of violence, double crossing, whistle-blowing  and crime. It will force a man to lay his hands on everything beyond his reach and ultimately end up losing everything, including his loving family''.

 It is more often tagged as the forte of women folks. Saints say it is not visible in places where there are no women. Commonly, it is 'carried on'  by lousy people, 'spread' by fools and keenly 'heard' and 'accepted' with glee  by filthy people. It is a dangerous inferno, never failing to leave a trail of severe damage all along the way.

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 "It is difficult to see a true friend who stands by you through thick and thin. Invariably, many friends laugh at you when you fall. And when you gather yourself and stand up again, they will purposely trip you and keep laughing at you and, in the process, they themselves will hit the floor head over heels. Lousy friends take off  en mass when you are in the soup"

 Women's gathering:

"  'Women's gathering' regardless of of the age of the club members,  is always colorful, noisy, vibrant and never loses its aura and excitement. The electrifying ambiance is never free from social gossips, accusations and  jealousy. Some times snobbery and pretensions take precedence over other equally bad traits".


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"  'Imagination' is a double-edged dagger and has positive as well as negative sides. If not controlled, it is like a wild elephant in "musth" and may run amuck, causing  severe damages to others and to the person himself. If controlled and disciplined, it will take the man to the higher levels. Many inventions were the result of controlled imaginative power".