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Be yourself:

Never ever compromise on your ideals and goals for the sake of others who are not going to stick around with you till you hit the grave and they' ll  just get off your path midway. Your self-esteem and dignity should not be the casualty for the sake of some people who are like buddies on a train. 
Choose right friends:me.me
Chose right friends: 

That men are molded by the environment in which they are living is true. So, it is to be borne in mind that if you are surrounded by sincere and dedicated people who care for you, love  you
 motivate you and subject you to positive thoughts  such a group is an asset to you, for they make you feel at home;  and there is neither pretension nor put on. 
Amorous eyes:
Caroline in the City
They never fail to haunt the weak-minded men irrespective of age.  Blinded by reasoning, men with amorous eyes lack shame, pride, self-respect and discretionary power. If unchecked, it will push them into the elephant pit. At stake will be their honor and dignity.

Cartoon Motivators
'' 'Inspiration' is the result of stirring up frustration  in a pot of positive factor and scooping out the goodness from the floating froth with a ladle; so, let the goodness of others give  you inspiration"

Boosting productivity:
In a just all-men company when the performance of the employees is not up to the mark and productivity is down,  some employers've  followed a new technique. What they've  done is they've employed a bevy of bewitching beauties to  take care of the office work and board meetings. Their impression is the ladies' presence will act like a catalyst and the employees will  vie with one another to complete the assignment given to them  on time and this may leave a good impression on the  fair-skinned ladies. What has happened  in the wake of it is  it is just opposite. Record show  100% attendance, 100% no loitering and no slack of work, most importantly, their morale goes to a higher level, but unfortunately, though the productivity is up, efficiency is way down. Reason: men in the office are infatuated and preoccupied with day dreams"

A man's success vs iceberg:

In a 'pep talk' before a group of employers,  a man was comparing a successful man's leadership with an ice-berg.  People in the audience were wondering about comparing a  man's success with an iceberg that floats in the ocean and is prone to partial melting in the summer.  He said, '' When we look at the successful people only their 'success is visible' to us just like the upper part of an  iceberg above the ocean. Here, it is peak of the 'Iceberg leadership'. What is hidden or not visible behind them is a lot of stuff such as toil, commitment, focus and dedication on one hand and a series of setbacks, resilience and persistence on the other. Hard work is fundamental to success. It is no use just analyzing the peak of  the iceberg and what we need to do is we've to find out what is underneath of iceberg and make sure there is enough to keep the iceberg to stay it afloat. Things
Cartoon Motivators
that constitute  hard work are not visible to us just like the part of iceberg below the water level in the ocean''.