Sacred Heart Girls' High School, Church Park, Chennai founded by Irish Prsentation Sisters

Sacred Heart Girls High School is located in
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Madras city has several old schools founded in the colonial period. Of particular interest to us is the Secret Heart Higher Mat. School, Chennai. Unlike many schools, this one was founded by dedicated Christian women of Irish origin. The credit goes to Sister Nano Nagle who valued education and its major role in community development. In this respect, this old school that came up in the early part of 20th century , is a unique one.
  Any nation's progress is dependent upon  the quality of education the institutions offer to the students  and it will help them build a strong nation with good progress in every sphere. So, education directly promotes prosperity and welfare of the nation  and its role in a society is quite indispensable. Education should benefit not only the rich and but also the poor and underprivileged people. With these ideals in mind an Irish woman  by the name of Nano Nagle from Cork, Ireland had formed '' The Congregation Of Presentation Sisters'' in 1775. The sisters from the society came to Chennai (Madras) in 1842 to help the Angelo-Indian community in George Town (earlier called Black Town). Initially they were with St.Ursula' Angelo Indian School which, in 1904, acquired the present Church Park land. The sisters wanted to start a new school and  the foundation stone was laid in 1908. Following year
on 9th September

Founded by Presentation Sisters.
Sacred Heart High School, Church Park began to function. In 1910 it received recognition as  a Middle School  under the European Code to work under the Madras Education Rules as an Indian School with just 137 students to spread the ideals of Sis. Nano. In 1952, the school was  affiliated to the University of Madras  and in 1954, it became a private matriculation school.   The first batch wrote the Matriculation Examination conducted by the Madras University in 1954. Though initially, the school catered to the need of the elite society, the policy of the school changed to help the students discover their role in the society  and how important for them to maintain their individuality and dignity and play a key role in community development.  The need arose to reach out to the under privileged classes, so the Sisters of Church Park started Sacred Heart Tamil Medium School in 1980 with 36 pupils and now, the strength has gone over  600 students and a separate building was built to take care of additional needs. In tune with the true spirit of Nano Nagle, the school offers Community Development  Courses with a view to reaching out to the poor to  imbibe dignity and responsibility as part of growth of society relevant to modern technology and transformation. school-chennai/