Sherpa Kami Rita reaching Mt. Everest in May, 2019 for a 23rd time - a world record

Mt. Everest 23rd ascent .Sherpa Kami Rita
Mt Everest and Sherpa Kami Rita Hindustan
Among the outdoor adventure sports, the one that is wrought with risk to life,  needing hard work and physical and mental well being, it is mountaineering. Besides, you have to shell out a huge sum to get to the top of Everest. Man's quest to reach the tallest peak in the world, despite the dangers involved, is on the increase. This year, it is reported that  41 different teams with a total of 378 got the needed permit from Nepal to scale Everest each costing $11,000  to mountaineers for this year's spring climbing season, sparking fears of overcrowding if the weather cuts down the number of climbing days. The spring climbing season is the right one  and a large contingent of  Nepalese guides - Sherpas  will get ready to help the prospective climbers. Weather at higher mountains is one of the main hurdles. Normally every year the climbing season runs from March through May and in May  usually only a few windows of good weather near the summit will help  climbers  to scale the peak.

Eight Nepali climbers including Kami Rita Sherpa got to  the top of Mount Everest on  last Tuesday, thus opening the route for a potentially record number of climbers to summit the world's highest peak this part of the year. Ethnic Sherpas, born and raised on the lap of tall mountains of the Himalayas are just like mountain goats, renowned for their endurance and experience at high altitudes. Prior to 1950s, Sherpa tribes people were mostly yak herders and traders living deep within the Himalayas until Nepal opened its borders When Nepal opened the borders and mountain climbers started arriving they took to the profession of guiding them acting as porters.  On Tuesday, it was a team of Sherpa guides who again were the first to reach Everest's summit this year, completing their advanced work of setting up ropes and lines.  Many of us do not know that it is Sherpas who, each year, fix ropes and ladders over crevasses and ice falls that make things safer for the hundreds of climbers who will follow them.
Without their guides many foreign mountaineers attempting to climb Mt. Everest will be groping in the dark, not knowing the terrain, lurking ice falls and gaping crevasses in the glaciers. There are two routes to the peak, one from Tibet and the other being from Nepale.  As far as Mt. Everest is concerned, almost each year some kind of sensational news will be coming out from there ranging from -  a new  world record being broken by the climbers, loads of plastic trash on the higher mountain slopes, disappearing glaciers, etc. This year's interesting news is  Sherpa climber Kami Rita scaled Mount Everest on Wednesday for a 23rd time on May 15, 2019, breaking his own record for the most successful ascents of the world's highest peak. He and others who accompanied him were safe.

"It is my profession, but at the same time I am setting new world record for Nepal too," Rita told The Associated Press last month before heading to the mountain. This 49 year old experienced climber whose father was also a guide in the way past, is an asset to countless teams.  Rita first scaled Everest in 1994 and since then he has been making the trip nearly every year.  Sherpa guides like Rita play a vital part in the success of  each mountaineering team because their  expertise and skills are  important to the safety and success of the climbers. Rita  also scaled several  highest  peaks in the the world including K-2, Cho-Oyu, Manaslu and Lhots.
Rita was at Everest's base camp in 2015 and the death was at his door step when an avalanche swept through, killing 19 people. Undeterred, he made up his mind to pay obeisance to the tallest peak by way of guiding the new climbers and to take care of his family. Rita's  recent  grievance,  "However, when these climbers reach the summit, only their names are highlighted and nothing mentioned about the hard work done by the Sherpas," is true. It is their ground work that lays the foundation of the team's success in every mountain expedition. Rita'a poignant comment is, "I am like a soldier who leaves behind their wives, children and family to battle for the pride of the country."
01. Nepali guide, whill help 750 climbers  who will follow the same path to the top of the 8,850-metre (29,035-foot) peak in the coming weeks. 
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02. At least 140 others will try to  scale Everest using the northern route from Tibet.
03  Lat year a  record 807 climbers reached  Mount Everest,
with 563 people climbing from the south and 244 from the northern flank in Tibet.