Five ''healthy drinks'' that can prevent and control Hypertension!!
It is a known fact that  one in ever three Indians has hypertension and this  is the  gift of modern life plus  unhealthy fast foods  that are loaded with all kinds of  bad  items that are not good for  your heart. Proper medication can help reduce BP, researchers believe healthy diet  and regular exercise can produce the desired results. Many people are not aware, there are many drinks other than healthy diet that can help us maintain BP and reduce the risk of  cardiac condition. The Cardiological Society of India,  in its 2017 report, advised people to reduce salt intake and high sodium food items. Say no to canned food, sugary and trans fat laden food and, of course, processed meat and  alcohol.

The following healthy drinks are recommended to reduce BP: 

01. Low fat milk: 
Loaded with potassium calcium and vitamin D, the British journal of Nutrition recommends low-fat milk. Full-fat milk has palmitic acid which cab block the blood vessels, hence it is not recommended. 

02. Chia seeds infused water
Packed with Omega  3 fatty acid, it can help make the blood thinner and reduce BP. It can also prevent strokes.You can soak the chia seed in water or half hour and drink the water. A month later you can see the results.

03. Pomegranate juice: 
This ruby-red juice is a popular one and has lots of potassium. Normally, potassium rich food is  good for reducing hypertension. This fruit has three anti-oxidants, more than green tea and red wine and thus formation of plaque in the arteries can be prevented. If you drink it on a regular basis. it will reduce your BP.
04. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) drink
Drinking ACV has lots of benefits because it has lot of nutriants including potassium, ACV removes excess sodium and toxins from the body. Rennin enzyme in the juice is beneficial to our body as it reduces BP. You can mix the Apple Cider Vinegar  with honey in a glass of  warm water  and drink it, mind you, on empty stomach. Lemon water also does give the same benefits. Vitamin C acts as anti-oxidant  and removes free radicals, thus regulating the BP level.
05. Fenugreek aka Methi water: 
It is a high-fibre drink and can control BP. You can soak the seeds in water  previous night and drink the water in the morning on empty stomach.