All Saints' Church, a colonial Anglican church in Coonoor hill station, Tamil Nadu

All Saints' Church,
Hillstations, Ooty and Coonoor, Tamil Nadu.

In the colonial history of tropical India the British, who ran the government, had to bear with tough summer heat, dust and humidity and this made them uncomfortable and feel fatigued, Being accustomed, as they were, to cool and congenial weather they looked  for cool places on high hills that would be equal to the English weather. They did not have to sweat it out like sweat-hogs for a few months in the scorching sun on the plains. Their intense search for hilly places to cool off  in the summer retreat bore them fruits. Invariably most of the hill stations in the Himalayas in North India, and Eastern Ghat and western Ghat mountains in south India were  discovered and developed by the  adventurous British . Coonoor was one of three Hill stations established by the British Raj in the Nilgiri Hills (1850 meters (6070 feet) above sea level). They also built a summer Bungalow for the governor in Ooty to relax during the summer season.

All Saints' Church, Coonoor,Yamil Nadu
All Saints' Church, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu.
Built 163 years ago, the All Saints' Church,  a historical  Anglican church is not only one of the oldest churches in Coonoor but is  also considered as the  the most perfectly maintained church in India, both inside and out. The dark wood, vaulted roofing lots of stained glass and the well-painted  interior and exterior never fail to get the attention of the visitors to this famous church. Adorned with impressive interiors, it is a part of the church of England. In this reformed protestant church that first came up in 1854, there lie some fine antique items such as an ancient pipe organ, fine wooden interiors and impressive stained glass windows that all add up to its classical  appearance and augments the colonial charm, giving you the feeling of  a typical British country-side with a building of huge dome-like structures. It still retains the rustic charm set in the midst of  tall pine trees in a serene  beautiful landscape. You are naturally struck by the quiet ambiance on your visit to this place where peace and tranquillity will have a soothing effect on your restless mind. There is also a well-maintained cemetery on the church premises that brings out  poignant memories of those who worked hard here and died on the soils of India.
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This old church is  on the Kotagiri road, close to  Taj Garden Retreat Hotel and to Sim's Park. The Church of South India is managing this church activities.  It conducts regular worship at 9.30 am every Sunday. A regular Presbyter officiates the order of Services set by the church. Easily accessible on foot  from Bedford Circle, in summertime the church authorities  conduct vocational programs for the school children and elders.

Surrounding area of Coonoor town, Nilgiri hill, Tamil Nadu.
Coonoor, in Tamil Nadu  is a dream place for writers and poets  because of its beautiful surroundings, rich greenery, the manicured undulating hills  and amazing scenery. The place is so breathtaking,  you may feel compelled  to let you get relaxed and inspired. Naturally, you get lost in its eternal beauty and silence The credit goes to John Sullivan (15 June 1788 -16 January 1855), then collector of Coimbatore, who in a letter dated  January 8, 1819,  written from Dimbatty Valley to Sir Thomas Munro, Governor of Madras, about the hills compared them with those in Switzerland. He mentioned,  '' freezes here every night, this morning we found ice in our Water chatties (clay pots).” He went on to found Ooty (Otacamund), one of the  best hill stations in India.  Cooner hill station is at the lower level and is equally a nice summer resort. People of this and neighboring  states take refuge here on the cool hill from unbearable summer heat on the[plains.;postID=2399953472163127027;onPublishedMenu=postsstats;onClosedMenu=postsstats;postNum=1732;src=link