Sri Ujjaini Mahakali Temple, Secunderabad, one of the popular temples in the state- of Telangana -

.Ujjaini Mahakali temple, Secunderabad.

Ujjain Mahakali temple, Secunderabad,

Sri Ujjaini Mahakali Temple  in the Secunderabad area of  Telangana is a popular one, more than 191 years old. It is dedicated to goddess  Kali, a Hindu goddess and the chief of the Mahavidyas, a group of ten Tantric goddesses who each form a different aspect of the mother goddess Parvati.  Being the most powerful form of Shakti,  a  part of category of Tantric Saivism,  she is  an annihilator of evil forces and protector of   innocent people.

Lots of devotees throng this place worship particularly during Ashada Jathara, which usually falls on Sunday and Monday. That the crowd will be running into lakhs  on these days will tell you how much faith and trust the devotees have in Mahakali. The festival of Bonalu here is quite popular that brings in lots of people from far and wide. Women devotees normally visit the shrine and offer prayer on ordinary days. 

This famous temple has a link with 1013 Cholera  (gattara  in Telugu) epidemic in this part of Andhra  that resulted in the death of thousands of people. During this period, a military battalion  from Secunderabad was transferred to Ujjain, MP on duty. One Suriti Appaiah, a doli bearer  along with his  like-minded people paid a visit to the Mahakali Devastanam at Ujjain and prayed for the welfare of the people and cure from Cholera. He also vowed that if the people were saved from the dreadful epidemic, he would build a temple and instal the idol of Ujjaini Mahakali.

As the epidemic started coming down Appaiah was happy and when there was no threat from the disease, with help from his associates and others had  a wooden idol of Mahakali installed in  July 1814. 

When the construction of the sanctum (Garbagriha) was on  a stone idol named as Manikyalamma was found and, it is said, that it was also installed  in 1964 besides Sri Mahakali Ammavaru. Subsequently   devasthanam  was formed with help from the rich people and through donations. After years it came under the management of the Endowment Board (state government).   The main deity -goddess Ujjain Mahakali sits in a Padmasana posture with four hands, each carrying  sword, spear, damaru, vessel of amrut.

The idol of Ujjain Mahakali, Secunderabad.  ujjaini_new

Bonalu festival normally comes in the month of July every year. On the festive days this city will wear a festive look and a sea of humanity will descend on this temple  and other Kali temples with religious fervor. Normally women folks wearing traditional dress will visit the Kali temples  in this city Religious songs in Telugu will rant the air and the Mahakali temple is specially decorated with festoons, flowers and buntings. There will also be illumination after sun down. There will be religious processions in various places taken to the near-by Kali temple. This temple is just 11/2 km from the Secunderabad railway station.