Puratasi Month (Tamil) - 18 important facts

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In the Hindu  religion, there are many festivals and each  Tamil month has some kind of festival which have close link with healthy living and such festival aim at amity among various communities and the importance of getting together for religious worship. 

01. Tamil month of  Puratasi (Sept. to Oct.), the sixth month in a traditional Tamil calendar  is an  auspicious one and is dedicated to  Lord Venkateswara (Lord Vishnu).  An important Hindu festival '' Navaratri'' - a nine day celebration each day dedicated to a form of Goddess Lakshmi falls in this month.  Durga Puja is a great event in West Bengal. 

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02. Baghavan Shaniswara gains  prominence in this month and special pujas and prayers are held to please him. Astrologically, people of afraid of his bad influence (as per their horoscope) on them. They are supposed to be low on luck and the going will be tough for them. But it is often said that during his grip on the people spanning seven and half years, Baghavan Shani will do as much good as possible before leaving them for good. 

03. Quite popular temples of Vishnu become active during Puratasi.  Crowds to the temples may face restrictions this year as the threats of COVID- 19 are not yet over.  

04. Thirupati Balaji temple, Andhra, Sri Ranaganather temple at Srirangam, Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple, Kanchipuram , Sri Andal temple at Srivilliputhur  will be busy this month under normal  circumstances. Special pujas will be conducted. 

05. It is in this month God Vishnu appeared on the earth. Among the trinity Gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, Vishnu is in charge of sustenance and protection.  This is the reason why Vishnu temple get importance for worship and prayer. 

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06. Saturdays of this month are auspicious and Vaishnavites are supposed to wear Thiruman (namam) on the forehead, symbolizing the  two holy feet (paathams) of God Vishnu. In all Vishnu temples Patha Darshan by the devotees is a must it is symbolic of  in Tamil ''saran adaithal'' (''total  surrender to thee'' concept).

07. Special food offering (neivedhyam) called ''Purattasi padayal'' is specifically prepared with devotion in the Madapalli (temple kitchen). 

08. Other offerings include Puliyogare - Tamarind rice mixed with roasted   cashew nuts. Sakkarai Pongal - Sweet rice dish made from moong dal, ghee,  jaggery, cardamom and cashew nuts. Ven Pongal - Savory version of sakkarai pongal made  from  moong dal, ghee, peppercorns and cashew nuts. Thayir Sadam (Thodyoannam) - Rice mixed with  good curd mixed with seasoned  mustard, curry leaves and red chill bits, etc.  Medu/Ulundu Vadai -  Deeply fried  savory  made from urad dal.

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09. Yet another religious feature is at Vishnu temples during this month on the Dwajasthambam the flag  with an image of  Garuda (Vishnu's Vahana) is hoisted. 

10. In  Puratasi Hindus take only vegetarian food. Even those who eat non-vegetarian food will strictly adhere to vegetarian food. 

11. Elderly people and devout Hindus go on a fast- they may skip the night meal. and spend the time on meditating on gods and goddesses. 

12. Particularly Saturdays  in the month of Puratasi are auspicious and  devotees  visit the Vishnu temple and elders will go on a fast.  

13. A unique event takes place at Sri Vishnu temple - Padavedu Kottaimalai   Sri Venugopalaswamy temple  atop the hill in Kottaimalai, near Vellore. This temple is opened only on Saturdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.  An amazing miracle occurs only on one of the  Purattasi Saturdays. The sun rays falls exactly on the lotus feet of the lord. As to which Saturday,  no body knows which one is. 

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14. Maavilakku, Mahalaya Amavasay and Durga puja are important religious events 

15. Puratasi Ekadasi, Shiva Pradosham  (third week of Sept,) Puratasi Pournami, Puratasi Amavasya First week of  October and  Kandha  Sashti Fasting are other religious events among  Hindus. 

16. Maavilakku on Puratasi saturdays will be lit at many homes to propitiate Lord Vishnu. Lighting  Maavilakku is popular at Thirupat. 

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17. Puratasi month Amavasay (new Moon day) is the most auspicious one and Hindus must do tharpanam (Pithrukaryam) invoking their ancestors to bless them. The belief has been that the departed ancestors (pithroos)  visit the earth and stay here for first 15 days before New moon. So, the entire 15 days are  auspicious for doing   tharpanam to honor  ancestors. The waning period of moon is called Krishna Paksham in Sanskrit. Puratasi month Amavasay is called Mahalaya Paksham. Pithroos, it is believed, bless their descendants with prosperity, welfare and healthy life.  

18. In the Delta districts and Tiruchirapalli district   devotees go the Cauvery river banks at Srirangam, Thiruvaiyaru, Kumbakonam, Mayavaram etc and conduct tharpanam with guidance from the  Purohits (Pundits)