War memorial (WWI), Thiruchirappalli, TN revamped.

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If we lead a quiet life and sleep at night comfortably at home, it is because of  unselfish courageous  soldiers who are always keeping vigil and  safeguarding our country. Their  sacrifices in the Army, Navy and  and Air force  are paramount. Mind you,  each year somewhere near the Pakistani or Chinese border areas  some unknown brave men  lay down their precious life for the  sake of our country  so that the rest of us can lead a comfortable life.  It is our duty to respect them  and the memorials erected in their honor.

If you are a resident  of Trichi (Thiruchirapalli) or elsewhere in the adjacent towns and cities, frankly speaking, how many of you  know about the  world war memorial  erected  in honor of those from this area killed in the world war I (WWI)? if you do not know anything about it there is nothing to blame you because there is poor or no  publicity about such a memorial in  this sprawling city. The  war memorial, it is very painful, is a highly encroached  area. and it a shame on those who don't  respect our army men who died for our country..   The media - both newspapers and TV stations  don't give importance to such memorials.  I wish  they could  give one  eighth of  their  publicity to  countless  historical monuments in the near-by areas as they give to the political and cinema events.  Such monuments steeped in history  are either in ruins or do not get serious attention from the state Archaeology department. Hundreds of monuments across the country face the same problem of poor upkeep and government apathy.

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It is quite surprising that  about  302 soldiers from Trichinopoly  took part  in World War I  (1914-1918) as a part of British Indian Army and fought side by side with the Europeans  outside of India.  Among them,  41 died  in action  in the war.  The then government erected a memorial in 1919 in the form of a tall tower with a huge clock in  the busy  Gandhi market area  to honor them. It is a matter of shame and anguish  that this war memorial often commonly  referred to  as "Clock Tower"  had been  in poor shape  for a long time without   much maintenance. Incidentally, this  market ground  bears  Mahatma’s footprints. In 1927, Rethinavelu Thevar, a prominent Congress leader and a nationalist  during his tenure as the Mayor of Thiruchirapalli  invited  Gandhiji  to inaugurate the expanded market. Subsequently, the market was  renamed  as Gandhi Market

The areas near the monument in the market area  were  encroached upon by  many shoppers who were supposedly refugees from Burma (Myanmar)  and they carried  on their business.  Despite warning from the  city corporation,  the encroachers continued to occupy the area without any hesitation.   Responding to the persistent request by the  furious ex-servicemen and other retired personnel from the Indian Army, the city corporation  in February 2013,  took a drastic action against them and removed the illegal structures  around the memorial. 

In the recent past there was a proposal to beautify this memorial along the Rock Fort hillock, Main Guard gate, Purathana park, Teppakulam etc and in June 2019 the proposal was awaiting clearance from the ASI - Archaeological Survey of India  which  manage them.   A sum of about one crore rupees  was granted to beautify the war memorial with multiple illumination. 'The project was announced  way back in 2018. The public was  seriously  demanding to clear the encroachers and steel  traders  who damaged a part of the national war memorial, Further, the ugly shops  are affecting the visibility of the memorial. 

India's safety is dependent on our daring soldiers who risk their lives and guard our vulnerable and sensitive border areas.  Several decades ago  the same army men from Trichi    during the WWI died in foreign lands fighting for India on the British side. So, it our duty to respect the aspiration of Indian as well as ex-Indian soldiers to keep this memorial in the Gandhi Market area  as a symbol of their bravery and sacrifice.  

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Above image: In November 2019 a trial run of the  multi-color illumination with  LED flood lights  was conducted. The tower is provided with illumination lights on all four sides and the cost was around Rs. one crore. The Civic body has a proposal to raise the height of stainless fence around the tower by 0.5 to  1.5  meter  to prevent the entry of unlawful hawkers  and unwanted people in this busy vegetable market area.  This project is part of Smart City Plan as envisaged by the Central Government..............