''Harsiddhi Mata temple'' of Ujjain, MP - an important Sakthi peeta

Harsidhhi Temple/ mandir, Ujjain, MP. ommons.wikimedia.org

Harsiddhi temple (also Harsiddhi Mata Mandir), close to Rudra sagar  in the ancient city of Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the popular temples of this state and the main deity is dedicated to  Devi Annapurna. The idol which is covered with  a paste in dark sindhuri (vermillion color) is enshrined between the idols of of Mahalakshmi and Maha Saraswati in the sanctum.  Goddess Harsiddhi is an aspect of Parvati who took the form of Chandi to kill  demons Chand and Parachand.  God Shiva called  Chandi as Harsiddhi who is said to be blessed by God Shiva himself. It is said the great king of valor and wisdom Vikramaditya considered the deity here as his Kula Devta

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The reason why lots of devotees come to this temple is due to the presence of special Sri Yantra (a symbol of Sakthi) referentially consecrated in the sanctum - garbagriha. The Sri yantra being powerful, the belief is  when a devotee makes a wish on the temple premises with  trust in the powers of goddess here, his or her  wish will be fulfilled much to the satisfaction  of the devotee;  hence the sanctified place imparts positivity on the devotees. Yet another feature of this temple is people afflicted with  Kala-sarpa-dosha - as per their horoscope - will be freed from the  ill- effects if they worship God Shiva here who goes by the name of   Kunteshwar Mahadev.

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One of the  51 siddha-peethas (Sati Devi's elbow fell on this place when God Shiva was carrying her dead body)  devotees from  other states visit this temple on a pilgrimage. The Maraths rebuilt Harsiddhi temple  which is between  Rama ghat and Mahakaleshwar temple  in Ujjain. 

The deepa stamphas, that are richly illuminated during the Navratri festival, were contributions from the Maratha rulers, it is mentioned.