Popular, historical St Joseph’s Church 1792 of Tiruchirapalli,Tamil Nadu India.

St. Joseph’s Church, built in 1792 by Fr. Schwartz
 (1726–1798), a German Lutheran missionary to India, is one of the ancient and the most popular churches of Tiruchirapalli city,
Fr. Christian Friedrich Schwartz, Wikipédia
Tamil Nadu, India. This historical church in situated near Teppakulam (Temple Tank) and the Main Gauard Gate. Just like the Christ Church, British Garrison officers gave funds for its construction. This church is adjacent to a popular college known as the St. Joseph’s College which is one of the reputed educational institutions in India and has produced a couple of Nobel laureates and innumerable eminent

St. Joseph’s Church(1792), Tiruchirapalli,Tamil Nadu, theholidayindia.com
engineers and administrators in the olden days. Renowned personalities like the late R. Venkataraman,former Indian President and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, ex Indian President were old students of this college. The famous Clive Hostel, under the management of St. Joseph College is close by. During the colonial days, a large Angelo Indian community lived in this city. In the late 1800s, they were in the employ of the Army and the Railway owned by SIR(South Indian Railway). The church took care of the spiritual needs of the Europeans working here.