Funny quotes 02

The Rich and the famous:
Rich And Famous cartoon .

From the rich man's
The rich man with a bunch of money.

"The rich and the famous, the so called 'aristocrats' 
or royals from the higher strata of the society,  
particularly, in England have as many followers for 
their money, antics &  eccentricities as the mad 
people have  for their weird, odd and crazy behavior. 
Actually, there is no difference between them excep
that,  the latter deserve our sympathy unlike the 

An intern and his gripe:

Ex US President Richard Nixon (Tricky Dick) & watergate scandal,

US president Nixon .
 Above image:  Ex-US President Nixon telling the TV audience in  1977s that he is not a crook (Watergate hotel break-in scandal). It proved otherwise. British TV journalist David Frost bullied a confession out of a disgraced  ex-US President.

 "When I have been asked to choose between two  options,  I 
would rather be a bouncer at a top-less joint  than 
be  an intern in the office of a crafty, foxy, ever-lying 
politician of Nixon (Richard Nixon of Watergate 
fame who uttered the famous remarks, '' I'm not a 
crook.'' on TV in the 1970s) genre in the White 
House.I want to be trained as a good administrator, not a crooke public servant.  It's something like learning nothing." 

                                                 ......  An American graduate student in "Public Administration" was telling his professor about his proposed internship at the White House in Washington, DC
Watergate Cartoon

Woman and Horse:

"Horse and woman should be properly sandbagged  
and under check; if not, they will gallop in a jiff, the 
latter faster than the four-footed hoofed animal."
galloping horse

...... the lament of a terribly disappointed  fiancĂ©  who earned the ire of his girl friend with whom he had been going steady for sometime  (US saying).