Funny quotes 05

 Wild Tongue:

 "Enormity of  one's mistakes and the propensity of 
ensuing troubles have direct bearing on how wide
one's  mouth is open and how fast the carping 
tongue wages."
wild tongue

Face of man with a big mouth.
Opportunistic Indian politician:
"An Indian  politician's stump speeches during 
election times - are nothing but a magical mix of 
permutation and combination of promises of plenty,  
laced with  some  silly, unsubstantiated statistics  
here and there, full of sound and fury, the end result 
is zilch. Besides,  when he  meets the prospective  
voters personally, he will do all kinds of somersaults to get your vote. Once elected to office, when you approach him for simple 
help, he will make  you stand upright on your 
head in a typical yoga posture for hours together just 
to see him."

Dame luck:
"Guided by dame luck, and if the time is ripe, a man 
may come out of a  bone dry water well with a live 
fish in his mouth." 
man with a fish.
 Lion and goat:
 A proud lion and its tail.
"Knowing my weakness and strength and my ability and energy   I would rather be a meek goat than be a lion's tail  and lose my identity and individuality"
                                               – a Tamil saying.