Beautiful Lakshmi Narayana Temple of Bhopal

Lakshmi Narayana temple,
Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is also called the city of lakes. Among the tourist attractions  that mainly consist of beautiful lakes Mosques, etc., the Hindu temple of Vishnu - Lakshmi Narayana attracts lots of people because its architecture is unique and intricate.

Lakshmi Narayana Temple in Bhopal is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu or Narayana, the Preserver of the Universe. The temple is built on the southern part of the Lower Lake on the Arera Hills of Bhopal.  

Located amidst a  serene, picturesque  setting, around two artificial lakes, this temple  attracts lots of visitors who come here to receive blessings from the almighty. This temple is built by the well-known Indian industrial familiy of Birlas, who have made valuable contributions towards industrialization of India for several decades. They also run excellent educational institutions in India. The early family members  were close to the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi.The have built several beautiful temples of artistic beauty across India in many cities. Tourists never fail to visit them because the Hindu temples built by the Birlas stand apart for their architectural excellence.

Besides Lord Vishnu, there is a  shrine for another Hindu God  Lord Shiva and his wife consort Parvati.  The sandy-yellowish color of the Lakshmi Narayana Temple has an exceptional charm about it. The entrance of the temple has an amazing architectural splendor unique to North Indian style of temple design. The sandy-yellowish color
Lakshmi Narayana temple, Bhopal,

enhances the appearance of this temple. Both interior and exterior parts of this  place of worship are marked by excellent ornate work done with care and devotion. The amazingly carved images bring out the essence and workmanship of the skilled workers who were involved in the construction work.

The Lakshmi Narayana temple has  well-maintained lawns with fountains and numerous ornamental and flowering plants. The sprawling lawns that surround the complex add zest to the beauty and charm of this temple.

The Birla Museum  that lies near the Lakshmi Narayana temple has a huge collection of sculptures  mainly from the districts of Madhya Pradesh namely, Shahdol, Raisen, Mandsaur and Sehore.