Funny quotes and humor - 21

Before and after marriage:
"Before marriage  I was thrilled by my fiance's bewitching, butterfly- like eyes.  After marriage, the butterflies in her eyes have taken refuge  in my stomach, whenever she  goes on a 
shopping spree.

Part of life:
jealousy as bad as tornado.

Attachment: Leech in the wild forest,                                              difficult to pull it out.
Greed :  Torrential rain (bad after-results).
Lust & Desire: Uncontrollable inferno; will cause bad damages
Jealousy :  Poweful tornado,causing destruction and pain.
Peace of mind  :  Placid lagoon (calm & composed; good results).
Wife  :  White elephant; result: husband's  shrinking walle                Husband  :  Sacrificial lamb or bankrupt (meek and servile).
Frustrated husband ?

husband  going broke ?
Beautiful broad & Lustful eyes.  
"Infatuation lasts no longer than the time taken by a flower to wither; a soulless companionship".