Funny quotes and humor - 31

Politician and dishonesty:
"What light is to the eyes, what air is to the lungs,
 What love is to the heart, what water is to the fish,
 Betrayal  and dishonesty are the soul  of  politicians".


Whistle blowing.
risk of whistle blowing.

"The army people dread betrayers, traitors and squealers  more than  their  powerful and  dangerous war arsenals".
Pandemonium and politicians:

Pandemonium, indian scenario.
women gossiping.
"Gossiping prevails where there are more than two women,

Enmity and hatred prevail where  there  are more than three men,
Pandemonium prevails when there are more than forty politicians".
Pandemonium in Parliament, India .

Importance of political power:
Political power.
                          "When health is lost, something is lost,
                          When character is lost, nothing is lost, 
                          When confidence is lost, something is lost,
                          When integrity is lost, still nothing is lost,
                          When political power is lost, every thing is lost,
                          It is as good as dead".

            .......        Lament of a senior politician