Funny quotes and humor, etc -33

Politician's fourth eye:

Shiva's third eye.
 "God  has given us two eyes  to see and use  our discretion to know what is right and what is wrong for us.

The Almighty above us has a third eye (the eye of wisdom, free from “Maya”, the illusion, and duality of life)  on the forehead to watch our actions. 

As for astute politicians, they have four eyes, fourth being on the back of their head. This helps them watch a stream of their associates  behind them, waiting  to  stab  them and  pull them down  to the ground, when the  time is ripe,  For survival, they depend more on the fourth eye than other eyes to catch the conspirators and traitors".

watch out when you walk down the street with uour chin up.
"One of nice things about keeping your chin up is that it 
keeps your mouth shut". 
                  ........    Meril Marlin (Pagent, June 1963, p.136)
Safe storing of money:
"Money is like a manure. If you spread it around, it does a lot good. But, if you store it in one place, it stinks".

          ........  Murcheson, Sr.(father of Clint Murcheson, oil tycoon  who groomed Dallas Cowboys Football team, USA)

 Gift of language:

If Gandhi were alive, he won't be happy about the scams.
"Language is an amazing art of revealing and concealing  our thoughts  and  emotions. For smart politicians, it a primary medium through which they make stump speeches, debates, etc ., and if they are caught in a scam  while in power, they use it diligently to prove their innocence and come out unscathed".  

Bundle for the politicins, pittance for the poor people.